Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #34: Close-Up

The light is returning to the northern hemisphere, but we still have winter –

– which means the opportunities are less for us who love photography – or?

A great solution to the problem is close-ups or macro photography. Your own home is an endless source of motifs – and maybe a look into new worlds. So, this week’s challenge is Close-ups. Looking forward to your creative answers to this prompt!

You certainly don’t have to buy a macro lens – most cameras are good at close-ups. If you have a smartphone/android/iPhone – you will be surprised how easily you get good results.

But, last year I finally bought a macro lens – after a lecture by one of our best Swedish macro photographers. She recommended a TAMRON SP 90mm F/2.8. In this post, you are looking through that macro lens. (All photos except one – I guess you see which one…) As usual, click on the images to enlarge.

Let us see what I found when I ventured out into my flower pot, abandoned for the winter in my garden. Have a look down its frozen interior!

This is something of what I found:

And they are not only droplets – but frozen ones, lovingly held by the tiny plants.

Have fun with your close-ups and hope to see you soon –


Before you go, thank you to Patti for a marvelous Nature challenge!

173 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #34: Close-Up

  1. Gorgeous close-ups Leya. One of my favourite type of photography, especially the floral kind. The frozen droplet is exquisite. I shall have one for you on Friday 🙂

    • So glad you joined in – and it surely is a delight to see that so many of us enjoy the little things in life. Because they are the big things!

    • I truly enjoyed your pictures! Amazing! And these orchids are in your own collection? I grow some orchids myself, but have never come across anything like that bright green!

      • There are several orchid shows I attend. They usually have very unusual species. I wasn’t going to purchase this one, and another I passed over, because I was concerned about them dying. I did get this one but it only had a bloom when I purchased it and none after. : ( But, Id o have the photograph as a remembrance. AND … who knows, maybe, one day. 😎

    • I loved those surprising drops too, thank you. And I was really taken by your entry, Pauline! Glad you did not venture out Too close! Fantastic!

    • Thank you so much, Patti! I had fun with this challenge – and new worlds are magical. you don’t have to travel far to find them – but we still do, don’t we? I guess we need both near and far in our lives.

    • So happy to share some frozen drops with you! Just one of the things that is good with blogging – sharing. And I get views from you that I don’t have in my part of the world!

    • Thank you – and yes, it was. So colourful and alive despite looking dead and gone at a first look. I added no colours or enhanced anything in the photos –

    • I am happy you liked them all! And that garden pot, when taking a closer look, it was filled with those tiny, frozen droplets. Who would have known unless I hadn’t been shooting for close-ups!

  2. These are such beautiful shots. I love the way macro photography provides such surprises when we see the shots on a larger screen. Often it’s the tiny details missed in the view-finder that really make the shot.
    Thanks for the ping-back; as you know I feel so passionately about the damage we humans do to our world.

  3. We are ready for some light and longer days …
    And sounds like your lens was a good investment – (and you are right – the cameras on our smartphones are pretty solid and can good close ups)

    Your close ups are nice and that ending photo reminded me metal art that is shaped like a C and holds a glass droplet – it is really artsy.

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