Thursday Thoughts – Deliciously Delicate

Looking through my pictures from the last month…I found some really delicate autumn images. I guess these soft colours are not much connected to autumn… at least not to us in the northern hemisphere. But, as winter is knocking on our door, a faint spring feeling cannot be wrong. I hope you enjoy.

Lens-Artists Challenge #175 – Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss.
If you do follow your bliss,
you put yourself on a kind of track
that has been there all the while waiting for you,
and the life you ought to be living
is the one you are living.

― Joseph Campbell

Lindy is very welcome as our guest host this week! She has already taught me much about birds, and now a new expression – Follow Your Bliss. She explains that to follow your bliss is to pursue that which provides you happiness and joy. In my life, and I guess in yours as well, there are many such things to follow. I have chosen three of mine. They are all connected to the natural world, as you know is my Life.

When I was young, I would sit painting and drawing for hours after school, but today I am afraid these skills are almost forgotten. Being retired, I am having great fun though, trying to conjure them up again. After so many years hidden in some crevice far back in my head… I enjoy every minute I am filling an empty page with doodling or watercolours – This is indeed a revival of an old bliss.

Another great way to relax is by pressing flowers and plants, and making them adorn books, cards, and frames. Many years ago I even arranged my best friend’s wedding bouquet and framed it for her bedroom wall. It is still there after 35 years…

This year, my son decided to give me a real flower press for my birthday – I have always used books and papers and ”under the rug” pressing before… Now I collected my first leaves for the flower press from the hike in my opening image – and framed some of the really delicate ones for this post.

My last example is maybe too obvious a bliss… – photographing the world around me. The big world during my traveling days, and now mostly the little worlds that are essential to make our big world a whole. I have made it my mission to show how magical and fantastic our world is, down to its microscopic parts. We need everybody to understand, that if we lose these small worlds, we will lose our only home, Planet Earth.

Fauna – ( Fauna, Roman goddess of earth and fertility)

Humans (Homo sapiens) are the most abundant and widespread species of primate

Flora – (Flora, the goddess of plants, flowers, and fertility in Roman mythology)

Thank you for last week’s many shapes and designs – amazing! Now we hope you’ll join us in sharing how you follow YOUR bliss. Be sure to include a link to Lindy’s original post and to use the Lens-Artists tag so we can all find you in the Reader.

Next week, it is my turn to lead the challenge, so you are welcome to stop by at Leya’s on Saturday, November 27, and join us. Until then, stay safe and well.

Thursday Thoughts – Little Things…

Like leaves…and dew drops

And even smaller things from me at Frank’s Beach Walk – Details, while he is musing and walking. Welcome to join us.

Lens-Artists Challenge #174 – Shapes and Designs

Patti‘s challenge this week makes us look for shapes and designs. I often look at the likeness between nature and our human creations. If we manage well, the results might be harmonious shapes and beautiful designs. But as Salvador Dalí stated –

Have no fear of perfection – you´ll never reach it.

I believe even if we don’t try hard to, we unintentionally design some of our art and constructions with nature as the model. Just look at these pairs of images.

Above a gigantic lamp at the Kosta Boda Art Hotel – and Miss Willmott’s Ghost.

These galaxy shaped leaves from a plant at Kew Gardens I really liked – below a swirl and snail design.

In my windows there sometimes lie withered leaves…this one is from a Poinsettia –

– below one of my students’ hair designs. There are obvious likenesses…

Wonderful, isn’t it? But no matter how hard we try, Mother Nature will always be our master. Many great artists declare they are deeply influenced by Nature, and one of them is Gaudí. In my world, I believe every artist is.

For Tina’s Interesting Architecture challenge last week, you shared marvelous examples of architecture from around the world. What a treat for all of us! Thank you! Now we are hoping you will share some of your interesting shapes and designs with us. Please use the Lens Artists tag and link to Patti’s original post.

We’re also delighted to announce that Lindy Low LeCoq will be our guest host next week for LAPC #175. We invite you to visit her beautiful site next Saturday at noon to join our next challenge. Until then – stay well and safe.