Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #26: Photographic Review of 2018

Before closing the door to 2018, I will try to put my memories into …mostly pictures. New Year’s Eve will soon be here, and it is time to reflect upon the year we are leaving behind. Some people even make a book out of their photos, something I can recommend, as pictures tend to stay with you – to spark even more memories…

This last Lens Artists Photo Challenge of the year 2018, is all about memories. Make a recap of Your 2018! What do you remember most vividly? What precious moments from your everyday life, family, travels, holidays, adventures, meetings, did you capture with your camera?

It is not easy to choose one’s favorite(s) of the year…I know. I tried to pick one photo from every season (sometimes I had to pick two…). Another interesting idea (thank you, Mandy of Silkannthreads… ), is to find one single photo that would represent the whole year. We are looking forward to seeing Your 2018!


Winter, January – A blue morning

March – Getting to know a very special cat breed – the Siberian

Spring, April – Bhutan

Summer, June – 5000 dragon flyers at Fanö, Denmark

July – Milo moving in

July – Lofoten, Norway

Autumn, September – I finally bought a macro lens

October – ”My” old beech tree

November – Forest walk

In the header, December 23, 2018, the day before Christmas Eve – and finally, on the road heading for the New Year, 2019…


I would like to leave you with a quote from a gifted young lady, whose future sadly was taken away from her – but I believe it is the young generation that will have to teach my own generation how we should have lived, and managed, this world. And, a second quote from a grown-up lady’s perspective:

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

 Anne Frank

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.”

– Oprah Winfrey

With these two quotes, shining with hope for the future, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Thank you All for joining us in the challenges – we hope you have enjoyed it just as much as we have! Our first challenge in 2019 will be hosted by Amy, so, welcome aboard on January 5!



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158 comments on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #26: Photographic Review of 2018

  1. Hi, I just found your 2018 in review. My favourites are: ”Summer, June – 5000 dragon flyers at Fanö, Denmark” and ”July – Lofoten, Norway”; they’re beautiful shots!

  2. With gratitude between you, Tina, Amy and Patti for creating a wonderful friendly sharing of photos inspired by prompts. As for the Scandinavian countries, I would love to visit again. Macro camera does show everything! Happy New Year, AC.

  3. What a great way to end 2018 with this theme and several lovely photos, Ann-Christine! I enjoy reading everyone’s post. Have a happy and healthy 2019!

  4. Lovely selection – your versatility is impressive. I can’t pick a favorite! I do adore dew drops and pets and colors…no, I guess I love all of them. Nice job, I can’t wait to see what photos you capture in 2019. Happy New Year!

    • I hope you enjoyed your coffee, Pauline! And I am happy you enjoyed your 2018 recap – that is what I just did! Your year must have been a real dream – hope you will have many more of the kind. Both you and Jack! ♥♥

  5. These are all wonderful Ann-Christine! You’ve shown every season beautifully – making me envious of your beautiful landscapes and warm fuzzy friends! Best of 2019 to you – and thanks for being such a terrific Lens-Artist team member!

    • I am glad you wanted to – and did – join in! I believe a recap is helpful to make at least my mind take in what the year was all about. Glad to be of some help too!

  6. […] January. Golden fish floating in a jade pool in the Sun Yet Sen Garden in Vancouver’s Chinatown. February. I had a lot of choice from the Chinese New Year’s Parade but on February 22 it snowed, so here are palm trees in the snow. March. Data problems with downloading my camera card cause these blue stripes on fish scales but I kind of like it! April. A surprise trip to Mexico and tons of memories: the night we went to a masked wrestling match (Luchas Libres), the crazy ride down Xochimilco that we shared with a wonderful Mexican family, not to mention a dozen memorable meals. But my favourite photo was this one of feminist graffiti on the old stone posts the line the sidewalks of the city. It reads: ‘Mi vida tiene valour, mi cuerpo no tiene precio’.May. A basement pub window with glass bottles in Copenhagen on our trip to Denmark. (Picking one photo from a month-long trip is almost impossible!)June. The trip continued into Sweden where we viewed the petroglyphs that bronze age people had chipped out of the granite at Tanum, a UNESCO World Heritage Rock Art Centre. This one is of a bull (or possibly an extinct auroch) and the people appear to be dancing with it.July. Mussels and green water under the pier at Granville Island back in Vancouver. August. A wall of chalk graffiti at the Mural Fest in Vancouver.September. The province caught on fire in late August and carried on into a hot September. The air quality in Vancouver was worse than in Beijing. I didn’t go out much. October. A mossy rock glows in a stream at the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver.November. The city steam works was not officially part of the Lumière show, but was one of the more interactive pieces. And I see strange shadows in the steam…December 21, 2018. A star-shaped lantern floats above the torches at the Winter Solstice Festival on Granville Island in Vancouver. Next year I will bring a tripod to this event where the Morris Dancers performed an eerie dance with clacking antlers. My brother described it as the stuff of nightmares but it was too dark to take photos. This image precedes the moment that the King of the Norse people arrived and lit the hill on fire!More of the Lens-Artist’s Photo Challenge: Photographic Review of 2018. […]

  7. A beautiful review, A-C. The photos are all superb but the one that jumps out at me and grabs my heart strings is the little boy in Bhutan. He is one of the young generation who hopefully will create a better world. For us, it is indeed, another chance to try to get it right. I haven’t thought about my photos yet.

    • All the best to you and yours in 2019, Patti! And thank you for brilliant co- work between us all four – so grateful to be a part of the team!

  8. What an amazing year it has been for you Leya and the photos you have chosen are stunning. I am going to enjoy sorting through this years photos, reliving my memories. It could take a while, but “I will be back…”

  9. So loved your photos in this recap Ann-Christine. I do love ”your” tree. Thanks for being one of the photo challenge collective and bringing challenges to us. Happy New Year from Australia 🙂

  10. Some breathtaking images, Ann-Christine! What a year it’s been! The little boy striding out in Bhutan… what a memory 🙂 🙂 Thank you for your warm-heartedness always, and for finding the time to encourage and support us all. Happy, healthy 2019 to you!

  11. A beautiful photographic review Ann-Christine, I especially loved your images from Lofoten this year and am delighted to see this magical place again in your selection. Eivor, Pearl and I posted our review yesterday and are happy to link it here too: https://whippetwisdom.com/2018/12/28/2018-reflections-through-the-seasons/
    We wish you and your loved ones a blessed and happy New Year and thank you to you, Amy, Tina and Patti for hosting these lovely weekly challenges xxx

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