Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Liquid

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Liquid

Morning heron – as liquid as he can be.



Snow and Mist – Magle Wetlands

I left Hovdala in the best of moods, heading for Magle, the water and the birds. I imagined the strong cold and the water would make some grand mist.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 109_copy

Driving down the narrow road I saw the sun throwing diamonds my way…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 155_copy

…so, I stopped to collect them…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 072_copy

…and I became very rich…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 130_copy

And, richer I would be, further along the road – at Magle.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 170_copy

The mist had risen from some parts of the ponds, but at the far end – it hadn’t yet. It took me some time to get there though, as only the footprints of one single person were there before mine.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 176_copy

I certainly was richly rewarded. As the sun slowly warmed up the air – unveiling the ducks, swans and cormorants. A heron gliding low in the mist.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 186_copy

The mute swans were showing off their beauty, while the ducks seemed busy just staying warm.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 200_copy

I was looking for the whooper swans, but they were not there. Following the path further on, I finally found them.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 206_copy

Three of them were balancing on the thin ice – while finishing their morning toilet.

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 211_copy

The bench where I usually rest, birdwatching,  was not very useful today…

Hovdala och Magle soluppgång 214_copy

Looking back a last time, I realized this was the finest winter day this year. Hopefully there will be some more diamonds to collect this winter… I enjoy being rich.


Thursday Thoughts – Late

Slowing down means that I can have late, soft mornings if I like…but, I can also use the early mornings for hiking and reflecting.

Earlier this week there was an opportunity for a chilly, but sunny morning with no wind. I left my son at his job and went on to the wetlands I usually visit a couple of times each season.

The air was clear and cold, no wind, no sound.

I wondered if the birds had gone south all of them, or some would, like me, try to survive the harsh winter months. And…there they were…

When the fog lifted, I saw the cormorants – like old statues – sitting there, silently waiting.

When I was a child I was very fascinated by these spectacular birds…and I still am.

They are unreal, living statues…drying their wings.

Fascination. If you no longer can feel fascination or curiosity, I guess your life is… over.

When you look closer, but still cannot perceive the fog lifting or the morning light sifting through the leaves…

…when your first thought, walking through this morning forest no longer is: ”Why, this looks like powder snow!”…

…when you no longer stop to admire nature’s master weavers…

…or other little inhabitants on this Earth…

Then you are in danger of losing yourself…Your Self. I am so grateful I listened to my body and soul, realized where I was heading and took the consequences.

Think about it…Find your Self, do not lose yourself – if you have the possibility to choose.

Just think…this morning might not have been… mine.

WPC: Half-and-Half

This week we are requested to divide a photo into halves or layers. My entry is from this spring and an early morning by the lake. More entries here.

Vårpromenad i Magle – Spring walk in Magle Wetlands

Idag har varit den varmaste dagen i år hos oss – 23 grader C visade vår termometer i eftermiddag. Hundpromenaden förlades till Magle våtmark.

Today was the warmest day so far this year – 23 degrees C. The dog walk had to be at Magle wetlands.

En solig promenad med ljumma vindar – både vi och fåglarna trivdes alldeles utmärkt.

More than me and Totti were out walking today…

Färgerna är fortfarande bleka, men vårljusa och harmoniska.

The colours are still pale, but ”springy” in harmony.

Grågässen hade parkerat mitt på gångstigen, men lyfte snyggt så att vi kunde passera. Ingen reaktion på hunden alls.

The greylag geese had parked in the middle of the path, but soared lightly away when we passed.

Kanadagässen betraktade oss uppmärksamt på avstånd. Inte min förtjusning dessa gäster, men ganska vackra att se på. Smutsar dock ner kolossalt.

The Canadians (!) watched us attentively from a distance. Not my favourites these, but rather beautiful birds to look at. Unfortunately they leave so much of unpleasant things on the paths and close to the water.

Denna praktfulla padda stelnade i steget och lät mig fotografera från flera håll. När jag var klar klev han lugnt vidare över gången mot vattnet.

This beauty froze in this position for minutes – for me to photograph him, surely. And,  when I was finished, he slowly crawled down to the water. Maybe I should have given him a kiss?

A gallery from the rest of the walk! No swans today – they are always here in the early morning, but not now.

# 90 Färdas – Travel (90/365)

Att färdas längs en grusväg, vid vatten, är en skön naturupplevelse…oftast. Denne stackars man kämpade vingligt fram i kall och häftig motvind.

Travelling along a gravel road, close by the water, usually makes you feel happy and light at heart…but this man had to struggle hard in the tough winds.

# 23 Blåsigt – Windy (89/365)

Magle – blåsigt, men en gnutta sol.

Magle – windy, but a short glimpse of sun.