Tuesday Photo Challenge – Connections

Frank goes for Connections this week, and I have a story. Last week I went to The Netherlands for the grand flower festival and the parade – but also to reconnect with a man I met almost exactly 30 years ago when hiking the King’s Trail from Abisko, Sweden.

We have not seen each other for all those years, but we have kept contact by writing letters. A great deal of ones life ”happens” somewhere between 30 and 60. But, we recognized each other immediately. He was still shy, and so tall and thin, though his big bush of hair had turned greyer and a bit less bushy. Like mine.

We spent some hours walking, talking, eating good food and remembering those happy, hiking days in the mountains. 1989. I walked with my dog and he walked alone. I was very impressed by him being a professor in theoretical mathematics and he was impressed by me hiking alone, heavily packed and only accompanied by a big dog.

Where did all those years go? We still connect…Wim and I, and it was not easy to say goodbye again. Life is a strange thing, but so are connections. Just how do they work? What makes us connect, never forget, and still ”know” one another after so many years? Wonderful.