Lens Artists Photo Challenge #103 – Surprise

Thank you to Patti for her lovely challenge #102 –  ”A Quiet Moment”, and all your beautiful responses! We certainly need our quiet moments, and it feels so good to share.

This week I have been pondering over the impact of not knowing how our situation in general will develop. We really – don’t – know. Even if we never can know in advance how life and things will turn out… we want to have some kind of schedule and feel in control.

Somehow, over these last months, I have tried hard to accept the fact that not knowing will be the normal thing for the future. Less planning – I have decided to adapt.


Would you like to know your future? If your answer is yes, think again. Not knowing is the greatest life motivator. So enjoy, endure, survive each moment as it comes to you in its proper sequence, a surprise.     

– Vera Nazarian

This young lady was surprised by a happy call yesterday – getting that new job!

For many of us, June, July and August are the starters of vacation time. This year is of course without any scheduled far away travels, but small surprises usually occur in our everyday life. It could be surprising meetings, incidents, or maybe eye openers. In fact anything you feel surprise you!

I start off with a missed coffee break (Swedish ”Fika”) in the opener. We quickly had to find another place to eat our sandwiches… not sharing any!

Then – eye openers and great surprises are everywhere in nature. Last year I met this little creature – an insect looking exactly like a tiny twig – here together with a real twig. Can you tell which is which? This camouflage must be very effective!

Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.     

– Boris Pasternak

But then there are surprises both negative and positive…Two days ago I found this battered 4cm butterfly dead on the garden stones. I could tell it must have been a beauty with those emerald/mother of pearl blue spots on the white wings. I wrote my colleagues in the biology group – and the answer was: Zeuzera pyrina, a blue spotted tree butterfly. A rare species where I live. The experts told me that my old apple trees could have been its home. And it might be that more of these butterflies are here. Let’s hope for a live meeting!

This is what it looks like in a fresh costume – wing span 35-75 mm.


Another big surprise – a minor shock in fact –

– was this Digitalis with a mutated top flower – a so called Peloria.

(This photo with my Samsung phone.) I had never seen one before. It reminded me of those dragon lizards running in the desert!

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Also –

The team has a special “surprise” for July. We will be hosting the theme “Seasons” for the entire month, and are announcing the sequence in advance. The schedule will be:

July 4  Amy  Summer
July 11 Tina  Spring
July 18 Patti  Autumn/Fall
July 25 A-C  Winter

Lastly – stay well, and don’t forget to use the Lens-Artists tag to easily be found in the reader!

Friendly Friday: Climate Change

Climate Change

is here


Time to act – 10-15-20 years ago. Now is the last minute – World leaders, WAKE UP!

On Leaving Summer

As we leave summer behind and enter Autumn, I want to express my gratefulness to the Swedish summer I experienced in Abisko.

Abisko och Lofoten 2018 1010-Redigera

Abisko is forever connected to my first hike on the King’s Trail when I was young

But now it will also be remembered for giving us the only real Swedish summer in 2018

For its lushness, colours and Linneas – and for the only raindrops for three months.

No one can deny the beauty of the mountain forest and its shy inhabitants…

…hiding their freshness in the cool air –

…and  silently showing off their finery –

But Autumn is here now – hopefully with more colourful strokes from Nature’s palette

Thank you – Abisko – I am forever grateful!



Searching for Summer Beauty

Tonight I went out to search for flowers in the nearest marshland.

And what joy to find they are still there!

Even by the road some have survived –

In the stillness of the late evening

Sommarkväll blommor och grodor 2018 087-2

– I rejoice in their presence

Sommarkväll blommor och grodor 2018 041-2




Autumn Coming

There is a slight chill in the air…even though the wind still is soft and warm.

But, I can feel him coming…

Because the sky is crystal clear…

…and the colours are changing into a golden glow.

There is a stillness in everything, just before his gentle steps …heading straight in our direction. Let us glow – Autumn is coming.