Thursday Thoughts – Friends

We had our yearly outing at Wanås castle, Viveka and I. Finally. This is something we look forward to every year – and even this ”lost” year,  2020, we made it happen.


Much of the art work and installations are the same, but each year there are new interesting artists and art on display. The forest linen and the mirror barn 2020.

These days the importance of friends is even more highlighted. What would our distanced lives be without them? And we can still visit exhibitions that are mostly outdoors.

Viveka (of Myguiltypleasures) is an inspirational and avid photographer, and her Oscar is always going warm when we are out. So, what is she photographing now?


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Laetiporus sulphureus – or sulphur shelf. A very beautiful species of fungus growing on tree trunks and branches.

You can easily lose sight of Viveka as she often gets lost in her photography – but there is one unmistakable sign that helps me finding her again…her bag. Her striped bag. Whose bowels contain anything needed for a day out…including Oscar. Artist: Kimsooja, South Korea

A friend to go on adventures with, a friend to chat with, and to share your thoughts with, a friend to hold your hand when you need it. Even virtually.

Thank you, Viveka, for being my friend – and Cheers – for future adventures together!

Thursday Thoughts – Childhood Dreams

Children. Sometimes I wish I was a child again – maybe not all of you do, but maybe some of you …?

Freedom. I was fortunate – I had the best childhood I could dream of. Loving parents and grandparents…and not more human friends than I wanted. Animals were my best friends. Strolling in the forest, feeling totally secure. Quietness. Simplicity.

When walking the paths at Wanås, there were some children skipping in front of us – with their parents of course. I could not help but studying them. A girl and a boy – siblings – who quietly climbed the installations allowed. The girl exploring first…and then the boy took the lead. A bit more daring now…

Later in the day, I saw them merrily running and jumping over a little bridge in the fading sunshine. The boy in the lead. So…first the girl, leading the boy into this new, unknown  world…and when he felt safe and secure enough, he took over.


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And, the very little girl in the header, trudging away…how did she manage?

I so recognized myself in her. She was a loner, a little philosopher…

…until her mother called her name, waking her up from her reveries and reminding her she had to hurry up and join the rest of the little family.

Ant Invasion and a Teenage Party

At least once a year we visit Wanås, the park and the new installations. A must!

Rafael Gómezbarro’s installation ”Casa tomada” wants to portray the stream of refugees in the world, where the climbing ants are symbols for the hard working migrant. The installation comes from Bogota´and the house of parliament there.

Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg are the artists behind the installation ”In dreams”. You can hear the sound coming through the forest before you find it. Want to party?

Want to know a bit more about Wanås and the exhibition? Click here.

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