Thursday Thoughts – Thimpu in My Heart

Its Early mornings…

Mid days…


…and Evenings

And my heart dreams of returning some day



CFFC: Birds

Who does not love birds?

For Cee this week – a nesting stork on top of an old church ruin in Spain.

Harpy Eagle (Americas)

I love those big birds of prey, like the Harpy. Frightening but beautiful. They call this bird the most cruel bird of prey.

Eagle owls are very big – and beautiful – too. These two shots are from Walsrode bird park, the biggest park in Europe (at least).


Thursday’s Special: Trio

Paula’s Trio! Not half as cute as her puffins…but they inspired me.


Yellow naped Amazon – Walsrode bird park

jupiter najnajnoviji

SL-WEEK 45: Birds

Harpy Eagle (Americas)

Harpy Eagle (Americas) photographed in Walsrode, Germany


For Sylvain Landry this week – Birds. I chose the swan and the harpy Eagle. The swan is a graceful beauty, and the harpy is one of the most cruel looking birds in the world – at least according to me. Which one do you prefer?