Vadstena – Town and Castle Villa

Vadstena – is named a city despite its only 6000 -7000 inhabitants. This is a very charming place, where the main street still has got all the shops gathered – just as they would have been in the Middle Ages. The buildings in the city center date mainly from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries.

And – people live in them. It is not a museum, even if you are tempted to think it is.

The old town is well preserved and the streets have not changed much over the centuries. The Town Hall is Sweden’s oldest, dating back to the early 15th century.

A look into our lodging as well – the Castle Villa in charming Jugend style. All in all it was a lovely stay – to celebrate Spring and our son’s birthday.

Vadstena – Castle and Abbey – A One Day/Night Stay

Vadstena Castle was originally built by King Gustav I in 1545 as a fortress to protect Stockholm from enemies approaching from the south. Indeed it looks massive and strong today as well.

By 1620, when the castle was completed, all the kings of the House of Vasa had contributed to its construction. Since 1620, the castle has been very well preserved, and is one of Sweden’s best examples of Renaissance architecture.

In the fog and greyness, it looks stern and almost hostile – but in the evening sun, I could almost imagine a Cinderella somewhere…


Vadstena Abbey, close by, was the motherhouse of the Bridgettine Order. The abbey started on one of the farms donated to it by the king, but the town of Vadstena grew up around it. It was active from 1346 until 1595, but there are still a handful of nuns here.

The castle on the left hand side and the abbey on the upper right hand (The red dot: Här är du!)

The Abbey is now turned into a hotel – and a beautiful one. The different houses decorated in different styles, and we stayed at ”The Castle Villa” in Jugend style.

We had breakfast under the old vaults,  and I had some difficulties in resisting the pots for sale. Swedish design inspired by China.




Thursday Thoughts – Fog Fantasy

Is it not the strangest thing what fog can do to how you perceive nature and mood?

The header photo and the photo above were taken only a minute or two between them.

Walking along lake Vättern – The same minutes passing between these two.

And when the sun comes shining through – I turn around to meet – this view!


Nature is a master of moods.

Snapshots Along the Road

A short trip to celebrate my son’s birthday – resulted in some other lovely meetings as well. The typical Swedish Spring landscape and and a Grand Rooster and his pretty girl.



I spotted him because of his loud speech, and immediately fell in love with this handsome gentleman…

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

”Just wanted to show off my gal…”, he eyed me. Isn’t she just perfect? Well, yes, of course she is. Thank you for following me to the gate so I could get a glimpse of her! And … maybe I am just a little bit jealous!

Isalind Art – Vadstena

Isalind. I was introduced to her art a year ago – and saw true talent, and art as I love it.. Isalind is an autodidact, but has got all it takes…to make her viewers stand in awe. Her paintings are like photos…only, there is more life to them, more heart, more soul. They are enigmatic celebrations of Life itself.

Please, click the link to see more!

I had the opportunity to visit her exhibition in Vadstena this weekend, so I could tell her how much I admire her. Please, take a look – you will not be disappointed. Remember, these are NOT photos. The big paintings took her 800 hours to complete.