Tuesday Photo Challenge – Vista

Dear Frank, of My most breathtaking vista, I have no photographs. Machu Pichu was a childhood dream, and I went to Peru in the 1980’s to see it. No camera. When we finally reached the top of the mountain, the Urubamba river down below and the surrounding rainforest oozing thin dew drops along the mountain side…I could hardly breathe. For me, Nothing beats that vista.

So, I will have to give you another one. The Great Wall, the first time I saw it and walked it. Early morning light. Not a sound. That special feeling maybe fades a bit every time you visit, but it is still an impressive sight the fifth time you visit.

Many years later, we traveled on the highest elevated railway in the world – built on permafrost – from Beijing to Lhasa. The plateau on which Lhasa and Tibet is situated, offers stunning vistas every time you look out the window. They have to use extra oxygen in the train because of the height, but feeling ”high” on this journey had nothing to do with the extra oxygen…

These photos are all taken with a simple point and shoot – but highly treasured by me.

Travel theme: Over

Travel theme: Over

Over my head in the header and in the skate park. Over the water in Tibet.

As a teenager, my son´s happiest moments were in the big bowls of Malmoe skate park. I have been there too, just to see him enjoy, jumping Over me!

Travel theme: Dark

Travel theme: Dark

For Ailsa – Dark. As a child I was afraid of the dark. I read many books and had a vivid imagination. Today I can still be afraid sometimes…

In the header, a beautifully lit sky on my own doorstep an early morning.

The darkest country I have ever visited was Tibet. But high above Lhasa there is a soaring,  shining light – the Potala Palace.

WPC: Quest

Cheri Lucas Rowlands encourages us to show a picture of Quest. An almost impossible task…When I think of this word, Quest, I think of all my teaching years in literature and all the glorious quests portrayed there:


The Epic of Gilgamesh, a Sumerian story, The Odyssey by Homer, Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Alchemist  by Paulo Coelho and of course The Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling.

In these stories, the protagonists set out to almost impossible tasks, leaving home and safety plunging  into the unknown. So, where am I, a 21st century, middle aged woman, in all this? What is my Quest?

I guess in my little world there are no big ”saving the world”- quests – maybe saving myself quests only. I am constantly searching for and heading towards Inner Peace, being kind and compassionate along the road. I find peace in Nature and through doing good things, helping other fellow passengers on this route.

Hopefully, one day, I will be standing there, feeling that my quest is completed. I will be  completely calm and at peace with myself and the world.






Travel theme: Writing

Travel theme: Writing

We once started writing to sum up collected taxes and to label things. We still do.  But, we also write for many other reasons – Love for example, and for religious reasons (I guess that too is out of love).

Me meeting all the H.P. fans at the "Elephant House"

Me meeting all the Harry Potter fans at the ”Elephant House” in Edinburgh.

Sometimes the writing is not that beautiful…but still written out of love.

Tibetansk skylt ovanför ingången till ett tempel

Tibetansk skylt ovanför ingången till ett tempel – Tibetan sign from a temple in Lhasa.

And sometimes I find writing utterly beautiful.

Often the eastern ”alphabets” and writings are much more artistic and beautiful than ours – or what do you think?


Travel theme: Sensory


Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack ? wants us to use our senses – and one of the places where most senses are at work is the Jokhang temple in Tibet. The dense smoke and all the people – eating, waiting, praying…

Vid det heligaste templet, Jokhang, ligger offerröken tung

…and the Tibetan landscape…its vastness and immense beauty, Its total silence is overwhelming.

Kina och tågresan till Tibet 2009 452






Travel theme: Flutter


Ailsa’s Travel theme goes all the way to Tibet this Friday – See more Flutter here.

Thousands and thousands of prayer flags, fluttering over the mountain roads.

Böneflaggorna sänder bönerna mot himlen

Böneflaggorna sänder bönerna mot himlen


SL-WEEK 19: Monument

Sylvain Landry and SL week: The greatest monumental building I know – The Pothala Palace in Tibet. Tibet has been on top of my dreams since I was a little child. 2009 it came true. The journey of my life.




Travel Theme: Letters

For Ailsa this week – join in on the interesting theme of Letters!

”My” letters are carved in stone in Tibet – pilgrims’ letters on their way to Pothala. The most beautiful letters in fluent and graphical style.

Pilgrimstavlor längs vägen