Thursday’s Special: Pick a word in October – Y3

”Welcome to another Pick-a-Word Thursday’s Special. I hope that the choices I made for this month’s photo challenge will allow you a lot of liberty in interpretation.”

I always enjoy Paula’s (Lost in Translation) pick a word prompts – Here are my interpretations for this week!

gushing – lava in the header and Tännforsen below






Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in July Y3

Paula’s Pick a Word is always a treat – but this time…I only managed four of her five words. I will have to look closely at how you all solved it!

splash – Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

feathered – Designer Wallin, Sweden. If this does not count…Galapagos’ swallow tailed in the header!

marine – Switzerland

scenic – Switzerland

Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

Paula’s traces are many, and this time she takes us for a beautiful late walk in Padua. An Italian gem.

I thought I would take you to some totally different traces – a hidden gem named Monastero de Ribas de Sil, in Spain. Sil is the river down in the ravine below. And these traces of the past were very different from anything I had visited before.

The monastery was built in the 12th century by Dominican monks,  and finally left to be reclaimed by nature in the beginning of the 19th century.

Significant traces are the beautiful stone walls surrounding the monastery. So many hours’ work for the monks – but so beautifully constructed.

The buildings themselves are totally hidden in the greenery. Not until we were some 15 meters from the old archway, we found them. Standing with a magnificent view, high up on a rock overlooking the river Sil – but of this we could see nothing. Everything was buried in lush green – according to Nature’s design.

The open space in front of the remaining arcade. It must once have been a very beautiful place – and still is.

The impressive church is still complete – and the only light shining through the single window – and open door.

This monastery was almost impossible to find – no map worked. I guess that is just the way it should be. It was a place for hermits. A place of peace and silence. I found it there.

jupiter najnajnoviji

Thursday’s Special: Pick a word in May

Paula of “Lost in Translation”   has posted a great set of words  for her  Pick a Word challenge  this month. I love this challenge, not only because I find it interesting how people interpret words, but also because I learn new words and build my language at the same time.





 propagation (the litter of one grand lagotto romagnolo)






jupiter najnajnoviji

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in March

Paula, at Lost in Translation, challenges us to ”convert” words into pictures. Why don’t you join in the fun!

As usual the first photo challenge in a month is Pick a Word. You have five words to choose from to interpret them in image(s). You can do one word, several words or all five of them.  I hope you will find this eclectic theme challenging enough.

In the header, converted horns from reindeer.

slivered from Halmstad, Sweden

traversed – Puerto Mogán, Gran Canaria

muted – Skane, Sweden

ovine – Skane, Sweden



Paula’s word challenges are always fun – why not try it yourself? You do not have to use all the words – pick a word! Here are this week’s choices:













jupiter najnajnoviji

Thursday’s Special: Pick a word in December – Y2

This was great fun – I just had to pick all the words given by Paula at Lost in Translation!


The Remains of eight New Zealand opossum – brought home by my daughter from her volunteer work there

Portrayal – a study of Totti for a dog journal







Stellar – New Year’s EveSagaciousNon-Violence, the bronze sculpture by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd


Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in November -Y2 – Fun-loving


My pick for Paula, at Lost in Translation, is Fun-loving. I had an early morning walk in the forest today, and after a frosty night, the sun promised some lovely hours in the last autumn leaves. Who is having most fun? Totti or me?

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in June

Continual and Vigilant – for Paula, a photo from a Cemetary in Dublin