Thursday’s Special – Pick a Word in June -y3

For the lovely Paula at Lost in Translation – a new word lesson! This time, I had to look up pullulating and victuals. Thank you for the useful knowledge. Interpreted my way.

Pictures from Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Poland and Britain.












Reflective – in the header another interpretation…

Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y4-03

For Paula at Lost in Translation.


This is the Roman bridge in Verzasca valley, Switzerland. In fact, my favorite bridge – in a very special and surprising landscape. A real treasure of the past.


Thursday’s Special: Wintry

Paula, at Lost in Translation, asks us for Wintry… at least in our photos this week. As I posted my best ones this winter yesterday, I return to Iceland for some Real ”wintries.”


Thursday’s Special: Trio

Paula’s Trio! Not half as cute as her puffins…but they inspired me.


Yellow naped Amazon – Walsrode bird park

jupiter najnajnoviji