Thursday Thoughts – Dogs I Met in Tbilisi

Dogs are a big part of my life – and cats too, when I grew up in Sweden. In Tbilisi there were so many cats and dogs – of which I have already featured some here. (Click the links) However, I have many more photos from lovely meetings with friendly dogs and cats. These galleries might give you a hint…of just how many dog citizens there are in Tbilisi.

This big guy was the first one I met, and he was relaxing just on the edge of some steps down to a tunnel under the road. I immediately noticed how well muscled he was and how impressive the thickness of his coat.

I had already learned that they are all vaccinated and friendly. The yellow ear button confirmed this fact.

And yes, the dogs were everywhere…sleeping in the middle of the road or path as well. This one was lying here.

Sleeping styles of different difficulty…

…and everywhere and anywhere. Preferences differed. For the heat, for the cooling down, for the view…I never asked – just guessed.

Some liked to play and some raised a bunch of puppies. Some were just thirsty !

I just loved the Georgian people and their concern for the animals. All dogs were not just vaccinated, but they also had their own lunch bar in Rike Park. At the end of Peace Bridge, you could leave your bottle in this bar and dog food would drizzle down.

A Happy Land for stray dogs – at least during the warmer seasons. We should all be that kind and caring. Clearly the citizens loved their animal friends. Harmony ruled.

And by the way…the dog in the header was the only one on a leash.

Thursday Thoughts – Glimpses of Modern Tbilisi

More of Tbilisi, Georgia – there is, of course, a modern part of it as well…even if that was not the main reason for my visit!

Strolling the busy streets, I looked through the windows of different restaurants and shops – and saw this fantastic wallpaper, with lamps in an oval shape.

The overall photo sits last in this gallery – there you will find the first three of these architectural wonders – more facts in the pictures.

This passage was filled with murals and graffiti – too narrow to get a good shot though…

I just had to go back for a closer look at the wallpaper – fascinating history become art? Anyway – I just loved it. It covered the whole interior, quite a large room. I would love to have a piece of it framed on my wall. So many different faces – Please click to enlarge – and you get the feeling!


Thursday Thoughts – Taking a Bath

In the header, the Orbeliani bathhouse, Tbilisi.

According to the legend, the king of ancient Iberia, Vakhtang I Gorgasali, (5th C) once hunted in the forests near the first capital of Georgia – Mtskheta. After some time, he saw a pheasant, then shot and killed the bird. The king sent his falcon to find the prey, but the falcon flew away, and the king lost sight of him. In search of the two birds, the king and his hunters finally found them – in a hot water spring. Amazed with this find of  sulphuric hot springs, Vakhtang decided to build his city here.

Thus, according to legend, the city of Tbilisi was founded. The word «Tbilisi» is translated from Georgian as a city of ”warm location”.

Since then, the baths have been of great value to Tbilisi – also depending upon the city’s proximity to the lucrative Silk Road. In the 13th century there were 60 baths here, but today they are reduced to less than 10.

Famous people who took baths here are Alexander Dumas and the poet Alexander Pushkin. A plaque on the entrance to the Orbeliani Baths shows a quote from Pushkin, where he describes the baths as ‘luxurious’. The bathhouse also has got a Pushkin Suite.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

Today the baths are still used by many locals, particularly the elderly, who come to benefit from the healing properties of the sulphur. It is said to help in the treatment of eczema, arthritic pain and digestive problems.
We rented a room with a bath, shower and toilet for one hour, but, the heat made us leave after 30 minutes. On leaving, we asked in the reception how hot the water really was – 45 degrees C! Icelandic baths hold 38-42 degrees, no wonder we had to give in…

You are not allowed to walk on the domes… but many children did. And grown-ups taking selfies, of course setting good examples…

If you ever visit Tbilisi, I recommend you try the baths – for the feeling and for the beauty of the interior! If you ask, you might be allowed inside just for a look.




Thursday Thoughts – Pur Pur

This is Pur Pur, another magical restaurant In Tbilisi, Georgia.

A bit hard to find though – in the middle of this big construction site called – Tbilisi. Luckily there were some signs on the way…

…so, finally we found Pur Pur, in the old town area. Resting close to a peaceful park –

– leaning against another house, it was one of the last houses still standing. Just open the door, walk slowly up the stairs, enter the room, and you will be enveloped in its warm, rich and creative atmosphere!

Their food is delicious, and so is the Georgian wine. We got the blue table by the window, where we had our farewell dinner, saying goodbye to a very special country, a very special city and a very special people.

If you ever find Pur Pur while roaming the world – (it might not be found in the same house by then…) I do recommend you to drop in – and not only for the food and the wine. You will leave a richer person than you first arrived here.



Thursday Thoughts – Cafe Leyla

All grey and drizzle today, just like the last 6 weeks here in Skåne.  My thoughts wander to the lovely Cafe Leyla in Tbilisi. Let’s peep inside!

This place will surprise you with a healthy dining experience: they serve only village – grown, non – GMO and seasonal products.

Try some of their honey and apple homemade vodkas – they taste just like the cafe looks!

Sweet people will take good care of you – and the food is delicious.

The interior design is Oriental, and just like I want it – no loud music. Only people silently talking and discussing. If you ever visit Tbilisi, be sure to go to Leyla´s when your bones need a rest and your eyes need a refreshed view and your stomach says ”feed me”. It’s lovely to sit outdoors as well.