WPC: Morning

The soft morning…is lifting, taking off towards the day. Ziga, Baztan, Spain.

Spanien 3 075_copyFor more mornings – click here.

WPC: Narrow

As much as I like the open landscape, I also like things narrow – unless it turns up in nightmares where I am stuck in a narrow tunnel, unable to go either forwards or backwards…

For more things narrow, click here.


The tunnel leading to  Cuevas de Valporquero, Spain. In reality – not a nightmare!

Thursday Thoughts – Slowly

Back from Spain, but only slowly returning to blogging. Thank you for all your lovely wishes for a good rest and reload!

I have just started reading, and somewhere next week I hope to read more and to post something more substantial…Thought I would send you this memory – a most significant sight along the Spanish summer roads.

Thursday Thoughts – It’s Raining…

Well, let’s make the best of it…kids can do it, then why can’t we!

CFFC: Bridges

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

I have one special favourite of all bridges…the old Roman bridge in Switzerland, Verzasca valley. Read my post about this valley here.

Another favourite bridge, actually an aqueduct, is Pont du Gard in France. But you can no longer walk Pont du Gard. I did in 1976, on top, about 50 cm width and I had my Swedish clogs on. I guess I should be grateful to have survived that walk…

Click the link for more beautiful bridges!

The Verzasca Valley

WPC: Partners

Partners for WordPress – Midsummer’s Eve is of course the perfect day to spend with your partner.


Whether it might be shoes and feet…or maybe gloves and hands –

(Or maybe you will find another partner in these shots as well…)


But, in the end, the traditional Partner.

Don’t Tell Me Grey is Only Grey

In Sweden we use the word ”grey”about things old, dull and dark. A grey day, a grey future, everything looks grey, an old and grey lady or gentleman.

De vilda blommornas dag 008_copyBut, the colour grey is just as much a perfect contrasting colour…

De vilda blommornas dag 122_copyas a beautiful colour in its own right. Not only ”only”…

De vilda blommornas dag 010_copyWhat do you associate the colour grey with in your country?