Travel theme: Animal Companions

Travel theme: Animal Companions

I just had to chose my own children and our dogs, Emma and Totti, David and Mille – so many lovely memories…so much love and companionship!

There is Still Time…

There is still time…to live and love the last days of summer. There is still time…to remember the softest moments of nature’s glory – the morning walks and the evening light. Little things…little creatures. Let us rejoice.




A Walk at Lindö – In the Best Company

Every summer we take walks at Lindö in Blekinge – a protected isthmus with lovely flora and fauna. Always windy, and this summer rather cold as well. But Lindö is a must – The Blekinge archipelago is a source of harmony and joy.



Thursday Thoughts – Through the Car Window

A fine day – through the window. Windy and cold, but strawberry fields are here…

So…summer it is!

Thursday Thoughts – The Fairy – Castle

We were driving along the road from Bilbao to visit Gernika this day, when suddenly, out of nowhere, without any road sign – we saw the pinnacles above the dense forest. A castle. This castle is located in Gatika, in the province of Biscay, in northern Spain

We turned left off the road and decided to have a closer look at it – and after some twists and turns of narrow roads – we found it.

The castle has a fairy-tale look about it, and as we started walking around it, we realised that the place was abandoned and nobody lived there. Further down the road we found pictures of knights and horses, together with a closed down, dilapidated café. The premises had probably been used for games or jousting.

A look at Wikipedia tells us that the present building was created as a hobby for its then owner and to create something visually spectacular rather than to produce something for people to live in. ” In fact it would be quite inconvenient as a home as the towers have little useful space and various parts of the castle have exterior connections which are not particularly apt for the wet Basque weather.”

The building is surrounded by an overgrown park which includes palms and exotic plants. We thought the forlorn castle must be totally unknown, but in fact it seems this is not the case…As any other little girl,  Kate Middleton’s dream once was to get married in this fairy tale castle. (Said in a BBC interview with David Ferald.)

Back in Bilbao again in the evening, we learned from our host that the castle is named Castillo de Butrón . (He even had a painting of Butrón on the wall.) It dates originally from the Middle Ages, although it owes its present appearance to an almost complete rebuilding, inspired by Bavarian castle models, begun by Francisco de Cubas (also known as Marqués de Cubas) in 1878.

The castle fell into disuse, was later renovated and opened again, but the building was finally closed to visitors although the grounds remained open.

In November 2005 the building was purchased by INBISA (Grupo Empresarial) for about 1,6 million euros, but it remains under the general protection of Spanish law in respect of historic buildings in Spain.

WPC: Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall…Which is the best representation of them all?

This is a challenge where I think most people have many options in their archives – interesting…which ones do we choose?

In the header is a Bilbao photo from opposite the Guggenheim museum. There is this house mirroring a bridge with a red car passing. The other three photos I guess you have seen before – if you are following my blog.

For more of mirrors, click here.

Switzerland, the Fluela Pass in the early morning.

My beloved Mille…looking out for me, walking in the late evening.

Hamnen, Auckland. Vid fiskmarknaden.

 Auckland harbour by the fish market.

WPC: Fun

Great Fun! Fun watching them, fun playing volleyball, fun puppy love…

How I enjoyed this stay with Totti’s little ones! Thank you Michelle, for finally having Fun!