Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#104 Summer

As we announced last week, the team has a special “surprise” for July. We are hosting the theme “Seasons” for the entire month. This week, Amy’s theme is ”Summer”.

This is My summer. My summer is my garden, and our summer house.

This year, 2020, more than ever. In Sweden we call them ”Smultronställen”, (in direct translation:” wild strawberry places”) hidden, secret places where we find beauty, peace and solitude.

In later years, I have focused even more on giving my garden a ”wilder” face. A childhood summer face, a wildlife face, a caring for biodiversity focus.

Hawk’s beard grow abundantly in the rear part of the garden – and they are humming with bees when turning their yellow faces to the sun.

A closer look at this part of the summer garden reveals my favorite summer flower –  lavender.

– But also Cape plumbago and mallows. As always, click to enlarge.

In the southernmost part of the garden I have plum trees, cherries, elderberry, rowan, black and red currants and rhubarbs, Here there is generous space left for wild flowers.

Many insects hide in the grasses too – lying quietly on my back,  I hear them going about their business.

My other summer ”smultronställe” is our little cottage by the sea. Hiking the many paths here is a joy to us all, and the summer nights are long and soft in the Scandinavian light.


Thank you for all your lovely surprises last week! I had some good laughs and some recognizing giggles – and some tears too… and, some Real Surprises!

This week we invite you to join us in a Summer theme. As always we encourage you to use our “Lens-Artists” tag for inclusion in our WP Reader section. Using tags can significantly increase the number of readers who see and comment on your posts. For instructions on adding tags click on this link https://wordpress.com/support/posts/tags/

July 11 Tina  Spring
July 18 Patti  Autumn/Fall
July 25 A-C  Winter

Thank you for your support, stay safe and well – See you!

Thursday Thoughts – Midsummer

The most beautiful time in my country, Sweden,  is now – around Midsummer. The flowers and colours are abundant and it is a busy time for everything growing and for the animals raising their young.

Tomorrow is Midsummer’s Eve – in olden days a magical night. But also the night after which the bright light will start fading and we are heading towards winter.

If you celebrate or not – I wish you all a wonderful weekend –

And may you have a good night…

…should you be in Sweden, you will stay up to watch the sunset – and the sunrise. There is no real darkness in between.

Friendly Friday: Climate Change

Climate Change

is here


Time to act – 10-15-20 years ago. Now is the last minute – World leaders, WAKE UP!

WPC: Favorite Place

Cheri asks us to pick a favorite place where our thoughts can run free. A place to return to, at home or in a foreign country. I guess many of us have more than one spot…

In the header my mother and the dogs are sitting at my favorite spot – the beautiful old beech in the forest meadow. I walk there almost every day, and in summer I usually sit down to contemplate the loveliness of the soft wind through the grasses and the canopy.

But there is one more place of quiet contemplation, and that is the waterline close to our summerhouse. Horses and birds and foxes – and me…we all love it. It is the first and the last glimpse of water during our Blekinge summer.




WPC: Sweet


Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey…

Jam and cupcakes…

And strawberries – the queen of summer!




WPC: Transformation

Jen at WordPress gives us the opportunity to show Transformation – my choice is a poppy, one of the wonders bursting into a colourful transformation every summer.

CFFC: Letter M – Needs to have 2 M’s in the word

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter M – Needs to have 2 M’s anywhere in the word

My contribution is a picture of summer clouds and summer flowers…

…and two mushrooms – very close friends…

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Weather

Weather –  very much talked about in Sweden… Maybe our favorite subject!

Still summer night

Forest – drizzle