Before Sunset

Just before sunset, they walk out in the open – the forest animals. This hot and dry May and beginning of June – I am glad to follow their example…

Driving to the forest I pass many fields, and all of them are being heavily irrigated… We all want new potatoes this summer of course! Soon watering will be restricted – in many parts of Sweden it already is.

Most summer flowers come and go fast. When I visited here a week ago – the flora was totally different.

Being a wild animal is never easy, not even in the summer. I do hope there will be rain soon – all brooks and puddles are dried out.

Two hours’ walk, then time to return. Birds are still singing, but I guess in a couple of weeks the forest will be more quiet as feeding the little ones now comes first.

On driving back, this gentleman was sitting in the field, just keeping an eye on me. I stopped the car to see his ears move around – they are quite lovely – his ears.

Behind me, about the first clouds seen in a month, are elegantly sailing over the fields.

And the farmers are still working – or their machines are – to give us food on the table.

The Road to Swedish Midsummer…

These last two nights have been magical. Please join me as I try to convey something of the magic…There is only little time left …in four days the Magic will be broken…

Close to my home, there is a National Reserve for wild orchids –

Last night I spent a couple of hours walking there, just before sunset.

Many of my favourite flowers grow here…

…so Time does not exist when I sit on the boardwalk or just walk slowly through the grasses and the open fields –

All my senses alert and my mind at ease. These days are the best ones in my life.