Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #21: Splash!


This week, Patti is hosting our challenge – and she has chosen an interesting subject –  ”Splash!” for us to illustrate, and relate to. The essential Water. And in order to survive and live on this beautiful planet, we rely on water. (And oxygen…and…)

In the header, the photo shows the bathroom at Casa Battló in Barcelona. (Fake water…)

Memories from the Spanish west coast – a warm and glorious evening!

The sound of a River in Iceland, making its way to the cold winter sea.

Lofoten, Norway, is something otherworldly…

And down to the tiniest spot, we rely on water. To catch fish, drink, but also to play with – and in…Bring your mum if it looks too dangerous!

My students always had to go through several ”tests” when they first started college. One of them meant filling a tube with water, and to cooperate to stop the water from splashing through the holes in it. Using yourself only! And there were several holes drilled in it…. They almost always threw themselves into the game – After some minutes the leftover water was measured, and the winners were…:-D



Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in September – Y3

Paula, at Lost in Translation, once again launched her Pick a Word challenge. I always learn new words and I always enjoy her choices. This time I picked four of her five words.

I don’t know if the header is possible for extractable






(I guess the opposite is nocturnal?)



WPC: Sweet


Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my honey…

Jam and cupcakes…

And strawberries – the queen of summer!




CFFC: Letter H – Happy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy

Two lovely Scottish ladies putting on coffee for their boule playing husbands and students leaving school – happiness!

WPC: Jubilant


I don’t know anything more jubilant than students storming out in real life,  celebrating their achievements and their last minutes in highschool –


– and then freeeeeeedom!


Travel theme: Balance

Balance – here is my absolute favourite from Madrid and my Glorious students!

Go to Ailsa for more interpretations.

Students' intricate connections...

Students’ intricate connections…

Travel theme: Self

Ailsa’s theme this week gives you another chance to reflect on who you really are. What is the very essence of you? Not easily done in only one picture…so I had to choose two.

The loner, hiking in nature – but I am also the photographer and the lover of my job and my students. The results are one picture from a hike at Svartisen, Norway, and the other taken by a student at the final dinner for my class, leaving school, heading out in Life.

Why not take the chance to figure out the very essence of You? Click here for more inspiration.


Thursday Thoughts

I went to my school tonight, to visit the yearly Open House event. I do not know what I had expected, I guess I did not want to expect anything… did not want to get disappointed.

But they were there, my dear collegues and my sweet students. Many hugs and many of the students expressing how I was greatly missed. Wondering how and what I was doing now, when I would come back and …me wondering about them. Just before the Christmas vacation it’s usually rather tough – especially the second year. And those who will be flying next spring…I promised to come and see them take off, they are already fully fledged.

Old students who left our school last spring and some who left us several years ago – they come back, visiting. Surely this is the very best school to study at…because, why else would so many students return this day – and even other days during the year?

We are a big family. So, how can I leave? On a day like this I just feel all that Love rushing through my veins…I do love them all. All of them.