Thursday Thoughts

I cannot stop thinking of the school shooting in Florida. I just – know, this Must be stopped. There must be and end to this. What are we doing to our young?

I don’t have any solutions – but someone Must have. Someone is payed to have. We all know that there is something very, very wrong with a society that creates these disasters. Many of our young suffer from mental problems. In Sweden you will find them in every school, in every class. Every week we can read about this in new scientific articles, hear about it on the radio and see it on TV. As a teacher – I know. And mental illness combined with guns or other weapons…cannot but lead to disasters.

In Sweden we have to have a license to buy and own a weapon. Our weapons are meant for hunting animals in the forest – moose, deer, pigs, birds and others. The weapon must be kept dismantled and in a safe. This law saves us from the worst disasters.

People can get shot over here as well – but so far we have avoided mass shootings.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families.



Cultural Café

We wanted to visit the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, but it was closed and a veritable construction site. I was dying for a nice cup of coffee along with some cultural events…but the building seemed totally abandoned.

Nothing wrong with a construction site…if you can find a place like this when you step down into the underground..

A slight drizzle, and my stomach was making sounds…but when we had totally given up on this place and walked down some steps to get to the street again – suddenly there emerged a big window with BOOKS. From nowhere. Nothing with books can go wrong, so we opened the door and stepped inside…

…a café! A place reminding me of my university years with not too expensive coffee’s, nice company and working in two’s or more. My eyes and spirits went up and I just took it in…..feeling the coziness and the warmth instead of the by now rather chilly, hostile weather outdoors.

We stayed for an hour at least and left with big smiles on our faces ;-D

It went on drizzling – but we felt good all the way home! Keep reading! And…some tea is OK as well…

It is All About Cats…

In Plovdiv, the old capital of Bulgaria, it was all about culture and – cats. Everywhere in the streets, on window sills and in the parks.

And it seemed the yellow ones were those who ”owned the place…”

Others were peacefully sleeping on the window sills – at least in the old town.

In the newer part of the city, the competition was heavier…and the master himself both fighter and supervisor.



# Eget tema 17: Rättesnöre – Guiding rule (254/365)

Quote: Literature helps man to understand himself and the world and is contributing to the shaping of our identity.

From the syllabus for the subject Swedish (language)

Travel Theme: Off-Centre

Off-centre – yes. When the balloons went off I was not prepared, so the shot was a bit random… (and then when the party poppers went off…) But so were the students too, today, on this their last day at school.

Travel theme: Play

Introduktionsdagar! Ailsas tema är Play – och vad kan passa bättre?

Now there’s only hard work to look forward to  –  school is here again! The two first days are always dedicated to getting to know each other, old students and new ones. So, playing games is only one of the things we do…

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