Thursday Thoughts – Roses

I was given the loveliest bouquet of roses – and this is what my eyes see – and what my heart feels. Can you feel it too?

Macro Monday – Roses

My favorite colors of roses – but now beautifully faded. As usual, click to enlarge.


For cheering us up – so grateful in this November gloom – Cee’s Red!

Flowers, flowers – from me. Bottle brush, roses and…

…a tiny, but intense, gem

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rose

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rose

The rose has got an advantage over many flowers…it looks good even when it is fading.


And I love them in any colour. But orange might be my favorite. For Dutch Goes the Photo.


Grey Light and Faded Roses

Today we woke up to a grey day with hail, snow and heavy raindrops.

Clearly a day for staying in bed…

For a short second, a sun ray touched the vase with the faded roses –

… and then – everything went back to grey again. I feel lucky to snuggle up by the Asparagus africanus, that is covering the French windows in my living room. So grateful for a house to live in – roof over my head – and a warming meal.