Travel theme: Indoors


This was a tricky one for Ailsa…I really am short of indoor photos. I guess I am just an outdoor person.

Nevertheless, this book store in Rome I find an irresistable indoors…and then, well, all of you who are dog lovers know what happens when you are sitting peacefully in that certain place…In (the) door suddenly appears a familiar face …”Oh, there you are! Just wanted to check…” (Quote, Mille)

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Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Store Front Signs

For Cee this week – Rome and a store front window. This store had everything written on the glass only. For more signs, click here.


SL-WEEK 36: Women


Sylvain Landry – Women. International Women’s Day.

In the header – The old and the new China.


Young Chinese girl of today

Rome – a connecting nun.

My mother, here 79 years old. Still hiking, still curiously looking forward to things…

A woman – not passé even if she is ageing.

WPC: Time

Time – we are all moving in it – and through it. And looking back…through what we think is a clear window frame, we realize the blur and the shadows. Time changes everything, and we can never know or be certain about the way everything looked or worked…

Not in Ostia Antica, Rome, and not even yesterday, at home. In our minds we can imagine or remember – but the moment in time is gone.


Rom I 444_copy

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Signs

Signs and labels – don’t we all love them? Join in with Cee this week – click here for more inspiration!

Rom I 260_copy

These two are from the famous  Ai Monasteri in Rome. They make every drop from ancient recipes used in the old monasteries.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Kind of Camera or Photos of Photographers

In Rome…anything might happen. This photographer was very dedicated. See more here.

SL – WEEK 10 : Windows

For Sylvain Landry

My all time Favourite Window; natural early morning light, no changes.

Rome 2014

Rom I 373_copy2