Thursday Thoughts – from Umeå

I went to Umeå for a couple of days to visit my daughter – my son wanted to go as well.

Listen to Sara – the voice of Västerbotten!

Umeå is a student’s dream – and was the cultural capital of Europe in 2014.

Walking this passage we can both listen to and see the work of the author Sara Lidman – the voice of Västerbotten (this part of Sweden).

Umeå (ca 90 000 inhabitants) started in the 14th century, and is called the capital of Norrland and the City of Birches. I really should visit in spring to see the fragrant green.


Gammlia is an open air museum with many old buildings for people to visit and remember the olden days. Sami people have a special place here.

The sun has returned to Norrland as well – and sitting outdoors to catch the warmth is essential.  Skiing and ice skating on the river is for every person, old and young. It is fun to watch three year olds racing like wild things – and are they skilled!

In the middle of the city they build ice playgrounds and a maze. And many roads have a built in heating coil to take away the snow.

After some 12 kilometers walking, we took a break at a lovely old book store.

And we had some delicious food as well…before walking back home – in the middle of the street like everyone else did. Too much snow and ice where we should have walked! But we did not slip or fall, despite the difficult weather.

Normally the temperature never rise above zero during winter, but now, due to climate change, it frequently jumps up and down. Last week -25 C and this weekend 5-6 plus and thaw. The Sami people and their reindeer suffer from these changes because when the temperature drops again, there will be a thick ice cover and the reindeer cannot reach the necessary food under the snow. The animals starve and the Sami people have to use state funds to survive.

Macro Monday – From Soil to Ice

My son found this little one when walking the path up to my door. Surely he is a bit too early on his way – the snail? February only.

Macro snigel i snö 051-3

He was so tiny, only about 3 millimeters, and still venturing out in this big world…on icy paths with an unwashed house. He ”looked” at me…

but, when I came too close with the camera, he silently steered away.

My son decided to pick him up and hide him under the garden bushes – out of sight from hungry little birds. Maybe we will meet again, on our way towards summer?

Thursday Thoughts – Winter Fun!

A glorious morning! Mum said, and I could just hear the promise in her silvery voice!

And off we went as soon as breakfast was finished – and she was right…

Out of the car and into the snow! Yes, yes, I know… she told me to look at her for the photo, but I heard another, more interesting sound – and with the soft ”click” of the camera, I threw myself off the stone again!

I tried my best to jump up on the trunk here, as usual, but failed twice – simply too slippery today – so I gave up.

– Had to really, as she called me…

Well, I know I will get a treat when I run up to her…And then, maybe a quick bath – with a drink on top!

But, I nailed trunk number two! You notice I know what is coming??? Another treat!

Thank you for joining us this snowy morning! Love, Milo.

Macro Monday

The winter is still a feast in my garden – some mornings offer a shimmering, microcosmic world of crystals. Nature’s wonders are always the best wonders.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Revisited

Amanda asks us to revisit this Friendly Friday, and I have chosen Iceland. We have visited several times, and never tire of this magical saga country. This summer we are going back again, to the western part of Iceland, and to revisit Vestmannaeyar.

Seljalandsfoss 2006 – in the header, 2016 and winter.

Gullfoss winter 2016 and summer 2006.

And the mesmerizing lava fields, 2006, just have to have it again!

Thank you, Amanda, for a chance to remember and revisit!



Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #30 – Unexpected

Unexpected – unexpected what? Now, that is up to you!

Did something totally unexpected happen today? Did you meet someone unexpected at the grocery store, or did you find something in an unexpected place …or, maybe You are up to something unexpected?

My post hopefully will contain something you would not expect from me!

Our son is a good photographer and a graphic designer – I borrowed his fish-eye lens for a couple of days… just for fun, and the opportunity to illustrate how it is to live in My bubble. Because I do live in some kind of bubble, where I try to create a positive life surrounding me and my family. I find it rather necessary in this world!

Hope you will enjoy a glimpse into my own transparent bubble – and then – I am looking forward to seeing Your interpretation of Unexpected!

When I am not traveling or hiking, much of my time is spent at home. Among everything else, I try to take care of my husband, my old parents and my two dogs.

My house is not that big – but… bigger than a Hobbiton house anyway!

It contains mostly flowers – many of them orchids – and memories…

…from travels, my children and my own childhood

Let’s step into my everyday life…


…where I spend most of my time!

A soft place where to rest quietly – maybe listening to music – is necessary. And there has to be much light.

My working area is indeed something for Marie Kondo…but they say a tidy and empty place reveals how you look inside too…

My space for work, fun, correspondence – and memories…

…this is the crew on our Galapagos ship – still smiling at me!

But soon it is time for a dog walk again! (At least three times a day, so I don’t have to worry about fitness training…) I wonder who is the happiest creature about that?

I hope you enjoyed these bubbles – at least I had great fun!


Have you seen these from Patti’s Challenge ”Cityscapes”? Thank you for joining in with so many amazing entries – I had difficulties in picking out just a few!

Laura at poetrypix gives us a London feeling

Click this, TAPG – a marvelous view of Tokyo

Bulldog, Moody winds from Chicago



Thursday Thoughts – Where Will He Be Tomorrow?

We say Nature is cruel, and this little blue tit obviously wasn’t well today.

Sitting by himself, not trying to eat the food offered. I wonder if he knew…

Where will he be tomorrow?

Lens-Artists Challenge #28 – Curves

Curves –

”In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves.”

Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

Thank you Tina, for this week’s opportunity to admire natural as well as man made curves. They are everywhere – if you just let your eyes find them… Sometimes you have to look up though – like in Trinity College, Dublin, and The Long Room.

Antoni Gaudí – a master of curves

Rila Monastery, Bulgaria –

– glorious curves

In my forest – colourful, natural curves

Lava, and life returning – in curves

But no curves are as beautiful and complete as those of the koru –

A short Wikipedia explanation: Koru (Māori for ”loop”) is a spiral shape based on the appearance of a new unfurling silver fern frond. It is an integral symbol in Māori art, carving and tattooing, where it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. Its shape ”conveys the idea of perpetual movement,” while the inner coil ”suggests returning to the point of origin”.



Thursday Thoughts – Season’s Greetings

Thank You for keeping me lovely company, sharing and exchanging thoughts and feelings throughout 2018 – Hope to see you in 2019 as well! Let us make it a year of joy and peace, of good hopes and work for a better world. Our way.

Chinese (Cantonese) – 祝聖誕節快樂

Chinese (Mandarin) – 祝圣诞节快乐

Danish – Glædelig Jul og Godt Nytår

Dutch – Prettige feestdagen

Fijian – Bula Vinaka

Finnish – Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta

French – Joyeuses fêtes

German – Frohe Feiertage!

Hindi – uoo”kZ dh ‘kqÒdkeuk;sa

Icelandic – Gleðilega hátíð

Italian – Buone Feste

Japanese – メリー クリスマス

Korean – 즐거운 연휴 되시길 바랍니다.

Lithuanian – Linksmų švenčių!

Norwegian – God Jul og Godt Nytt År

Persian (Farsi) تبریکات فصلی

Portuguese – Boas Festas

Romanian – Crăciun fericit

Spanish – Felices fiestas

Swati – Tilokotfo taKhisimisi

…and the same message in the 6787 other languages in the world!