Thursday Thoughts – Garden News

So far this Spring and start of Summer has given the ideal weather for the garden: Raining during the nights and sunshine during the days. Such wonderful difference from last year’s extreme heat. Come along for a short walk!


These are only some of my flowers – but I am so glad they survived last summer’s heat! I adore the little rain gauge my son bought for mother’s day.

My wild roses were planted maybe 20 years ago – I got them from a friend who in his turn had got them from a little old lady in a forest cottage.

I love those little ones – a sea of pink! If you study the bumble bees below, you will understand how small these roses are.

This year, the Painted Lady, being a long-distance migrant, caused the most spectacular butterfly migration observed in Sweden.

Each year, it spreads northwards from the desert fringes of North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia, recolonizing mainland Europe and reaching Sweden and even Svalbard. In some years it is an abundant butterfly, but never as early as this year. I usually see them in my Buddleijas in late summer.

This year they migrated in millions, and Gotland, our biggest island, received more than 6000 of them in some hours. In my garden now, I have hundreds of them. Some battered and torn – but who wouldn’t be after such a flight!


My Garden Today

This hot and dry month is going to be the warmest since we started the statistics some hundred years ago. And there is no rain ahead…so as the lilacs and other flowering trees and bushes faded away these last weeks, I decided to photograph my garden – as long as it lasts.

Walk with me, and I will try to give you some pearls from my garden today.

My fallen and dying trees are all in front of the house. They are with me still – Birds are nesting in the old apple tree and the one lying down still gives us apples.

The old bushes with very tiny little roses are some of my favorites – given to me by the little man with the fantastic Dream Garden – now sold. (You who have followed my garden posts will know who he was.) From that dream garden I also have some rare and unusual tulips – see the header and the first one in the gallery below.

The lilies and poppies and other well known flowers live happily together on the other side of the house, hidden from the street. I like to think of it as a secret garden…(I truly loved that novel)

But the shining stars this week are the Irises. Under their massive canopy, you just cannot get enough of their colours and shapes – the intense green and the just as intense orange, yellow and lilac. Their every bud is a slender wonder in a sea of elegance.



Thursday’s Special: Saturation

For Paula this Thursday – Saturation.

I chose two natural ones from the garden. No enhancing – they are saturated by Nature!



jupiter najnajnoviji

CFFC: Letter M – Needs to have 2 M’s in the word

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter M – Needs to have 2 M’s anywhere in the word

My contribution is a picture of summer clouds and summer flowers…

…and two mushrooms – very close friends…

A Sunny Day…One of Few

To remind me of one of the few sunny days this summer. Cold, windy and showers every day – this Swedish summer of 2017 will not be one remembered for its glorious weather. This week is also the last holiday week for many Swedes – always a bit terrifying…but nowadays it doesn’t matter that much how the summer was. I am lucky to be free!

Thank You – All

All my love to you out there in the blogosphere! We are so lucky to have each other in this supportive community. Today it was my turn to feel your warmth and sympathy, as I have lost a dear friend.

You being out there…listening, reading…I so appreciate your kind thoughts and words. I want to believe Anita is – someway, somewhere – aware of them as well.

Thank You All ♥

Poppy Love

In my garden I suddenly had a couple of poppies…coming from nowhere, they were just there.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

This year there are quite many of them, and I love to sit down beside their nodding  heads and watch them unfold…

Trädgårdsblommor Maj 047_copy

…admiring  their fragile beauty.