The Light Move Festival

The Light Move Festival – the name says what it is about. Moving lights, dancing, changing – together with catchy music. The first night we went out only on our own street. And we loved it.

The gear and the people guarding it were very friendly and helpful –  they even tried to walk us to the restaurant we could not find…

I was happy to see our own Sven Nykvist in the street!

This first night, before the big crowds, we could stroll and only enjoy. Saturday night there was really too much people around, and Viveka and I lost each other several times.

So, photographing is not the best thing to do here…instead I filmed some with my phone. Spectacular – but as my site does not let me show movies, I put the films on my Instagram and on Facebook. That is where you should go if you want to really understand what this festival is all about!

There are other things to show than the street lights though…I will be back with more glimpses of light inventiveness and fantasy from the parks and alleys!