Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past

For Paula’s Traces of the Past – a picture taken in Rom’s Ostia Antica. A magnificent place to stroll and marvel at our ancestor’s architecture.



Travel theme: Steps

Travel theme: Steps

Steps and stairs always speak to you, don’t they. The material is of course important, and the age. As often for me, I love the old ones best. Worn down, used for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Ostia Antica, Italy. A theatre, yes, but you also have to walk the steps to get to your seat. And in the header, old steps leading to a house in the abandoned village Castro in western Spain.

Somehow I see the theater’s steps as going down – while in Castro the steps are leading upwards.

WPC: Time

Time – we are all moving in it – and through it. And looking back…through what we think is a clear window frame, we realize the blur and the shadows. Time changes everything, and we can never know or be certain about the way everything looked or worked…

Not in Ostia Antica, Rome, and not even yesterday, at home. In our minds we can imagine or remember – but the moment in time is gone.


Rom I 444_copy