Macro Monday – Cattleya Orchid

You who read this blog all know that Lagottocattleya is a combination of my dogs’ breed  and the orchid Cattleya. At the Orchid exhibition in Keukenhof I found this little wonder!


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Time to Relax

This week’s host for the photo challenge is Amy : ”Show us your favorite ‘time to relax’ activity, place, or moment.  It can be in any season, month, week, or day. :)”


Relax is  something we all try to do – and need to do. Sometimes they are hard to get by, those moments…but sooner or later you will learn what works for just you.

I find it very relaxing to walk along the paths of graveyards – especially really old ones. Père Lachaise in Paris, Highgate cemetery in London and the old Jewish burial places in Poland are my favorites.

At home, this place is an unmistakable relaxing spot – with or without Totti!

Summertime, I love to walk out here in the evenings to enjoy the sunset.

My flowers, pot plants, orchids – all of them need their daily attendance. They give me a very relaxing hour every morning.

No shop can compete with bookshops for my attention as well as relaxation. Libraries also offer instant harmony.

But lastly – my infallible remedy against stress and pro relaxation of mind and body – is a walk in the lush green of the forest.

If you missed Amy’s challenge for this week, click here.  For more information on how to participate in the Lens-Artists photo challenge, click here. And last but not least, remember to tune in to Tina of Travelsandtrifles next week for our next photo challenge!



Thursday Thoughts – Mindful Moments

If you know me…you know that the forest is my home. These days are wild orchid days, and when the forest opens up to the light and the stillness of the wetlands and its inhabitants…I will be there for short mindful moments before sunset.

Walking slowly, not to disturb anyone or anything, I follow the boardwalk between nodding armies of  cotton grass or bog cotton.

The orchids here are mostly Dactylorhiza with subspecies – marsh orchids. Listera ovata in the middle, lowest row.

In the setting sun, the rays shine enigmatic life to everything growing. The tiny purple marshlocks glow and the grasses throw flames of greens your way.

Detta bildspel kräver JavaScript.

I rest in the middle of everything – feeling blessed

Thursday Thoughts – Bratonia Toscane

You who know me, know my love for orchids. In flower now is Bratonia Toscane –

a delicate dancer in my room.

As I am testing my new camera, I took a series of shots from different angles and in different light. The first two against the TV, then moved to the window for the other two.

I even tried Nik on this last one. Which one do you prefer?

Today’s Indoors and Outdoors

This morning the sun decided to shine from a blue sky – and I decided to start re-potting my plants. Everything is much easier and much more fun with the sun shining in.

Every year around February I take on this task, which usually lasts for three to five days including window cleaning ( so I can see my little friends better…) and the whole house.

After lunch, Totti says he wants a long walk – and the weather is still lovely – so…

Two hours out, then the sun is fading, and we are heading homewards. All happy for this beautiful day – and Totti had his many rolls in the grass, and water splashing as much as he liked…

Two stomachs hungry for dinner now!