CFFC: Hands

For Cee this week – hands. Very useful tools. Not only for showing love or affection.

They might pinch things from you when you least expect it…

And they can hold the most delicate things and creatures without hurting them…

And, they can also work fast and swiftly make the tastiest edible things…

Hands are needed.

They work well in many sayings and expressions as well: ”Give me a hand”, ”All hands on deck” etc. I believe ”hands” are useful in most languages. A Swedish example is ” Ge mig ett handtag” ( Give me some help here). How is it used in your language?

Cee´s Fun Foto Challenge: Purple

Who doesn´t love purple? Here some of the orchids on Alvaret, Öland, Sweden.

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Travel theme: Subtle

For Ailsa this week’s theme is Subtle. Öland by the sea, deer and dancing lapwings in late evening light.

# 180 Långväga – From far Away (154/365)

Över Ottenby flyger många tusen fåglar på sin väg norrut till häckningsplatserna – långväga gäster.

The skies over Ottenby are used by several thousands of birds every year on their way to their breeding places up north.

# 70 Fjädrande – Springy (a play on words) (152/365)

Rödhaken får vingarna kontrollerade. Fjädrande. Checking a Robin´s wings.

#39 Bättre en fågel…A bird in the hand…(is worth two in the bush) (151/365)

Besök på Ottenby fågelstation på Öland – ett måste för alla fågelintresserade! Våra studenter blev väl omhändertagna – och fascinerade. Här en av mina egna absoluta favoriter – rödstjärten.

Ottenby – a must for all bird interested people! Our students were fascinated. Here one of my own absolute favourites – the redstart.

Ottenby Fågelstation (Bird Observatory)

# 119 Horisonten – The Horizon (150/365)

Alvaret, Öland. Här syns horisonten överallt ifrån.

Alvaret, Öland – a World Heritage. The horizon is visible from anywhere.