Last Year’s Roses

Snow is softly falling and I am feeding the birds. They sit waiting among last year’s roses.

Travel theme: Indoors


This was a tricky one for Ailsa…I really am short of indoor photos. I guess I am just an outdoor person.

Nevertheless, this book store in Rome I find an irresistable indoors…and then, well, all of you who are dog lovers know what happens when you are sitting peacefully in that certain place…In (the) door suddenly appears a familiar face …”Oh, there you are! Just wanted to check…” (Quote, Mille)

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Nytt Tak!

New Roof!

Telefonbilder oktober 13 191

And two great guys to fix it…

Telefonbilder oktober 13 204

…unfortunately they are not included in the prize…

Höst vid stora boken 074

…but they did a fantastic job!

Thank you so much, guys – we love it!