Snowy Mist

Snow arrived during the night, and then the temperature rose above zero C. I had a lovely forest walk with Totti – light shifting and no wind.

The first half hour, there was not much mist, but …tangible silence.

Have you ever noticed how the colours – the few colours there are during winter –

seem to stand out in the mist?

With the fading light, you feel like walking inside a movie landscape. And you keep looking for a glimpse of the sky – just to stay real.

And for well known landmarks…

…to keep track of where you are.

In the open landscape, the sight is even worse – luckily the snow reveals my path.

As a farewell of this beautiful day- the light returns for my last 10 minutes of hiking.

Travel Theme: Misty

Travelling home by car every day – sometimes in misty evenings. Occationally misty enough to stop the car for a photo, here of the mist…and the moon. These three are all shots using my smart phone the same evening.