CFFC: Shadows

For Cee today – one of my favorite shadows from the years with my dog Mille, and some lovely fence patterns from where I do not remember.

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Contact

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Contact

From Dutch Goes the Photo – an agility dog! Which made me remember how my two Lagottos, Mille and Totti, were experts on how to overcome obstacles. They still managed to keep up their close contact…

…despite certain difficulties…

The 3 Day Quote Challenge : #2

So, how can I resist the lovely ”Gypsy” turned into ”Living in Paradise” – as I have followed her adventures with faithful Matilda and handsome Jack? Through gardening, rough wilderness and gentle house sitting, and today more of her talented art…Thank you for nominating me, dear Pauline! I am so glad you are back again –  I will go for it – after all… it is only 3 days!

The rules :

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote on 3 consecutive days.
  • Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
  • Nominate 3 different bloggers for each day.

Today I am offering all interested to join in! A volunteer wrote as well wanting to contribute,  Blank paper, you are welcome!


The more one gets to know of men, the more one values dogs.

A Toussenel






CFFC: Kind and Caring

For Cee this week – Kind. To be kind and caring is essential in my life. And so I believe it should be in everyone’s life. A good start is to teach your children to be kind to animals – and to other people of course. But, especially to animals, because animals cannot defend themselves. Humans have always got the upper hand.

The Galapagos Islands shows kind co-existence and its benefits for everyone. And at home, in Sweden, a good example was Mille’s kindness towards the new puppy, Totti. Mille let him do anything without punishing him…Totti thrashed his ears twice with his extremely sharp little teeth. Mille said nothing. Did nothing. We had to go to the vet both times to open his thickened ears and empty them from all that blood.

If you are taught right from the start, you will emerge a kind person throughout life. Being too kind is not the aim, but being Kind.



WPC: Friend

Best friends forever…and my best friends forever as well! Mille and Totti …

…for better,

…for worse…


WPC: Against All Odds

Against the odds – my very special and wonderful friend, Mille, survived his severe illness and lived his last two years thanks to my daughter’s loving care. He was so close to death several times, but she managed to save him through natural medicine from the Japanese sea, and through loving care. No veterinary has managed to explain how this really worked – but it did. He was strong and lively throughout his life. And we are so very grateful to have known him. I have had some dogs in my life, but no one like him. I called him Iron Man.

Mille died in May 2014. This is the last picture of him, standing in his beloved water, the sea at our summer house. He had just turned 12.

WPC: Local

Jen, at WordPress, asks us to show local life…and where my heart is.

Fjärilar och fulingar i hängmattan 088

In my garden with my dog…who always occupies the most comfortable places…

Walking in the forest  every day with the best of friends.

Places and friends closest to me – between the ground and the heavens above. The header photo and the last picture.

Travel theme: Enlightened

Travel theme: Enlightened

Ailsa throws in a helping hand for us all who are both low and high these days. The world is so troubled and it is impossible not to get depressed by the news received every day. Let us all try to muster some hope, some enlightened thoughts and deeds – we need Peace, Love  and Compassion on Earth.

In the header, two old gentlemen walking in Segovia.

Favorithundbilder 027

Love – my son and his dog


Love – my two children


Love – parent and child

Dubbelporträtt2Love – drawing by my daughter of two of her friends

Love – still hiking together

SL -Week 2-02: Ground


For Sylvain Landry’s challenge this week, we should look at the world from a child’s position. And indeed, my Mille looks much bigger than he was. His height was 48 centimetres – and the mountains somewhat higher…



Travel theme: Indoors


This was a tricky one for Ailsa…I really am short of indoor photos. I guess I am just an outdoor person.

Nevertheless, this book store in Rome I find an irresistable indoors…and then, well, all of you who are dog lovers know what happens when you are sitting peacefully in that certain place…In (the) door suddenly appears a familiar face …”Oh, there you are! Just wanted to check…” (Quote, Mille)

For more of indoors, click here.