WPC: Look up

Look up! This is a very varied challenge with many possibilities. My take is all about nature – even if you might not think so…

In the header, a lamp from Gaudí’s Casa Batllo´in Barcelona. He always used Nature herself as an inspiration. Maybe a drop of water in a pool?


A Swedish autumn birch in its splendour – who would not look up?

Great tree ferns, New Zeeland, North Island.

Great tree ferns, New Zeeland, North Island.

New Zealand’s Great fern trees draws your eye…upwards.



In Madrid my head went dizzy when watching this tree in a spectacular swing…



And these well dressed trees… I just hade to peep inside for this spectacular view!

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Travel theme: Balance

Balance – here is my absolute favourite from Madrid and my Glorious students!

Go to Ailsa for more interpretations.

Students' intricate connections...

Students’ intricate connections…

Travel theme: Dogs

Ailsa – this must be one of my absolute favourite themes…Dogs! My faithful companions through life. Please join in – we cannot get enough of faithful life companions!

Here are some of the dogs who met me, too – of which some still are my great friends.

Spain – Les Pyrenées

This lovely dog was chained to his

This lovely dog was chained to his ”house”. This is forbidden in Sweden.


Hundar naturligtvis

Having great fun…but then…

Inte mina...men kunde ha varit

Greyfriars Bobby, Scotland

New Zealand, Lonely Dog

Lonely Dog

Tibet – taking good care of their animals and pets

Man tar väl hand om sina djur

I once had a Bearded Collie – looking exactly like Seonaid Green’s beautiful girl…

…Maisie – Edinburgh, Scotland

Finally my own treasures, and favourite photos of …

Mille i vitsippsbacken

Mille in ”vitsippsbacken” and Totti as a puppy

Bonebreakers Giardiniere

Bästa vänner

Mera Madrid – More of Madrid, People and Others

Madrid is one of my favourite cities, and of course I will take you for a walk once more. Hopefully you will recognize some places but not all of them!

The terminal – walking in – had a very nice arcitechture. This place was new to me as we normally don’t go here with Iberia.

Then Madrid met us with the same happy face as usual – but people and other little friends are always new and interesting.

One of my favourite places to go is the big city parc – Retiro. The Crystal Palace is the place where interesting exhibititions are up – this time the theme was nomad tents. The artist, Federico Guzmán.

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Two Very Different Items

For Cee this week – two very different items... The lower part of this picture shows one of my students (in a bar in Madrid) and the upper part of the picture…

At least they both smile!

The Botanical garden in Madrid – again

I often visit the botanical garden in Madrid – in fact it is almost once a year nowadays. Come walk with me in this fragrant spring evening!

Callistemon – a favourite of mine. I once brought one home from Nepal, many years ago, but it died during one of my travels. Not easy for my mother to take care of…

You don’t necessarily need flowers to see the beauty.

The tiniest ones are enough too…

Allium is truly irresistable. Beautifully displayed against a dark background.

Yellow and red is wild and enigmatic together in this Caesalpinia Gilliesii.

This little one had no name – but glowed in the shadows.

…together with Yellow fire…

Lovely ”needles” everywhere.

The tiniest – allium and others.

And more. White poppies and Callistemon in all their glory.