Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #92 – Going Back – the Second Time Around

”Considering the current world situation, I decided to focus my challenge to your sharing images from your previous travels rather than asking you to go out to photograph new examples to share. If you visited a favorite place more than once, how did you approach the second trip photographically? If you’ve only been somewhere once, what would you do differently the second time around?” This week we welcome guest-host John Steiner – please visit his post at Journeys with Johnbo for more inspiration!

My choice for a walk down memory lane, is the tiny island of Madeira, a hiking paradise I have visited five or six times.

Two times with our children and my mother. These images are all from 2010, when my mother turned 75, and we celebrated with Madeira for the second time together. This is the first time I brought a camera. For the orchids and for our hiking.

You often go by bus to the staring point, early in the morning. Then, you walk the chosen hike along the levadas – long or short, and return with another bus from the end point.

My mother used to be an avid hiker, and we walked together until one or two years ago. She loved Madeira, and with the youngsters on the path as well, we had so much fun.

In the early morning, it was rather cold in the mountains, but so quiet and beautiful.

Madeira 2010 370-2

Following the lifting mist, and listening to the murmuring of water – always running by your side. Once built to bring water from the mountains to the different parts of the island – the levadas are now also used by hiking tourists.

The air vibrates with bird song, and the soft scent of mosses and soil – everything breathing harmony.

This year there had been a storm, bringing down many trees. Still impressive though.

Lush green wherever you walk – and the stream always accompanying you.

Nature is reflected in their art as well – and I happen to love the tiny lizards –

Maybe some day…I will return. Who can tell. My mother turns 85 this summer, and can no longer go hiking. When I show her the old photos, she can still remember – something of those days, sometimes.


In closing, I’d also like to add a special Thank You to all of you who joined our “Simplicity” challenge last week. Thank you for sharing so many moments of peacefulness, beauty, and fun.  In these challenging times, you help make us all feel better and know that this too shall pass.

Next week, it is my time to be your host – and we are back to our ordinary schedule.

Stay well and safe, keep connected to your loved ones, and keep creating!

Travel theme: Branches

Travel theme: Branches

In the header, Madeira, branches from fallen trees.

Winter is coming…

Artificial branches – but still…And lastly, Tibast, the first one to bring flowers in spring.

Travel theme: Woman


There are so many women in the world…and they are all important. My choices are still easy to make – the two most important women in my own life: My daughter and my mother. My daughter, some years ago, a summer in our cottage by the sea, and my mother hiking one of the Madeiran trails at the age of 75.

Woman – industrious, hard working, smart, loving, kind, helping, generous, caring…