CFFC: Roads

This week Cee asks us for Roads: country, freeways, streets.

My variety of roads is not that big… But a winter road in Sweden and El Camino in Spain

The lovely streets of London

A Swedish country road, and an Irish Abbey Road.

I love them all!


CFFC: Alone

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alone

Being alone or wanting to be left alone – that is Me. Essentially.

CFFC: Topic is Fun or Flowers

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter F – Topic is Fun or Flowers

Why not both? Now I will take a short blog break to go away and have some fun myself too! See you next week!

Streets of London – Love and Love Not

Big cities demand a lot of walking – London is no exception. The Underground might be the fastest, but the Overground for certain is the nicest. Let’s go for a walk and a ride…and look upon the city with fresh eyes…Today – What do I still love about it and what do I not love that much?


London is a city I will always come back to. Not in the way I used to as a young girl and woman, I know that. Today it is more of the atmosphere…the walks and the talks. The friendly people. No need for many musicals or concerts or exhibitions…How do You feel about London? Do you go often? Why/why not?

Welcome to Little Venice!

When in London, I try to visit a new part every time – and this time I walked along Regent’s Canal to Little Venice. They say Lord Byron coined the name, true or not, anyway it is a charming area with its moored boats and little ”gardens”.

How about joining me for a little walk?


CFFC: Hands

For Cee this week – hands. Very useful tools. Not only for showing love or affection.

They might pinch things from you when you least expect it…

And they can hold the most delicate things and creatures without hurting them…

And, they can also work fast and swiftly make the tastiest edible things…

Hands are needed.

They work well in many sayings and expressions as well: ”Give me a hand”, ”All hands on deck” etc. I believe ”hands” are useful in most languages. A Swedish example is ” Ge mig ett handtag” ( Give me some help here). How is it used in your language?