Lens-Artists Challenge #162 – It’s All About the Light

Tina has chosen Light for this challenge –

I am forever chasing light. Light turns the ordinary into the magical.

Trent Parke

The most crisp and serene light ever, is to be found in Iceland. So, for a starter, an image from north western Iceland, that I have posted before. I have done nothing to enhance or change the original. It has it all – natural, clear Light.

I could have chosen so many images from Iceland – but only one more pick – the graveyard. There is the light, and the beauty of flowers, mountains and water. A well chosen place to rest.

A couple of days in Denmark last week was refreshing. We visited the biggest sandcastle in the world (- now in the Guinness Book of Records). It was raining when we arrived at the sculpture park, so I took a photo before it would get even worse… The second photo was taken about two hours later – as when we were leaving the park, the sun came out! The most significant difference is the colour of the sand, and how much more alive the feeling is in the second photo.

In Aarhus we wanted to visit their famous art museum, ARoS – but also the harbour area with its modern architecture. They were still building new there, and at a traffic light I opened the window and photographed some of the constructions. The next morning we went there again to see more of this interesting area. This time we parked the car…To our great delight, now the light and the clouds made the visit an almost surreal experience.

I leave you with a favourite image made at the Fluela Pass in Switzerland. At our hotel they featured a big poster of bikers riding along the spectacular pass road, and we were eager to see this the following day. While we were aiming for a couple of interesting villages, we were also on the lookout for ”The View”. To our great disappointment, there was no ”view”…there was only a lake and a mountain. Quite ordinary. But, when returning to our hotel in the afternoon, taking the same road, this magnificent view suddenly opened up. Magical! The right time of the day, the right angle, and the right light. I learned something that day. About patience, and waiting for the magical moment to arrive.

We hope you will join us this week for Tina’s inspiring theme for LAPC #162: It’s All About the Light. Many thanks for last week’s fun Feet and Shoes. There were many smiles as we saw the variety of your responses! This week your challenge is to share images that illustrate the power of light – even better if you also include the same or a similar scene at a different, somewhat less beautiful time. Remember to link your post to Tina’s original, and to use the Lens-Artists Tag to help us find you. Finally, we hope you’ll join us next week as Amy leads us on her Share and Connect post. Until then, please stay safe and be kind.

Thursday’s Special: Darkness and Light

“They say there is no light without dark, no good without evil, no male without female, no right without wrong. That nothing can exist if it’s direct opposite does not also exist.”

Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams

For Paula, an early morning, driving up the mountains of Gran Canaria.

An Ordinary Tuesday…in Another Voice

…in autumn, winter light. Some days the light is so special that the landscape speaks to you in another voice.

I was driving home, and when turning left over the familiar meadow landscape, the light changed. I stopped the car and went out to enjoy the short play of light. Intensity, softness, strong brown and orange.

The familiar houses, trees, barns, animals – everything seem to lift from the ground and soar towards you.

Looking back from where I came, the view included one of the oldest churches in the Nordic countries, Gumlösa Church, from the 12th century.

Maybe you think it is all very ordinary, but to me it is not. Living close to an open landscape is almost like living by the sea. The light changes every hour, and so does your view and interpretation of the landscape.

Soon the frost will cover these rich brown meadows, and give me another interpretation…but today I enjoy just This magic light.

In the header picture, I feel the sky almost mirrors the ground and the grass. I waited some ten minutes, silent and quiet, in the middle of the landscape.

Let There Be Light!

Light. It is returning – and today there was a feast in my windows.

Högdagerbilder på husets blomning 159_copy

All plants receive it with the greatest joy – the light

And so do we…frozen human beings. We step out of the darkness – and enjoy

Högdagerbilder på husets blomning 338_copy


Högdagerbilder på husets blomning 311_copy

”Russian” Begonia

Högdagerbilder på husets blomning 131_copy

Fading Tulips

So, welcome – let the light shine in – and click to enlarge, as usual!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lights

Light and lights are essential to almost all living beings. And, the play of light is fascinating. It cathes the eye and holds our imagination alive.

My choices for this challenge about Lights are all from Spain. The first one from an early morning outside the great palace, when the sun lets its rays play with the lamp post  making us believe it’s being lit up from inside… The second photo from a gallery, is also lit up naturally by the sun.

The third photo and the fourth are both from Gaudí – The lamp from the ceiling in his house, lit up from inside as well as from the natural light through the side windows and the figure of Christ bathing in light – also from above.