Travel theme: Leaves – Beautiful Dead and Alive

Leaves for Ailsa. Trees and their leaves do represent life, and in China I always admire the ancient Ginko tree with its beautifully designed leaves. But on our last trip there, I found these traditionally painted leaves and could not resist buying one. They were framed in glass, otherwise not possible to take home.


From China – so thin and fragile – a handpainted leaf from a Banyan tree. Some lamp light from the right side, but hopefully you can understand what it looks like on my wall.


# 348 Vriden – Twisted (49/365)

Idag kastade jag julstjärnorna eftersom de hade tappat många blad – och julen är ju faktiskt över. I fönsterkarmen låg kvar en vackert vriden bladrest.

Today my poinsettias had to go. Left in the window-frame – a beautifully twisted leaf.