Tuesday Photo Challenge – Radiant

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Radiant

What could be more radiant than a frosty birch tree an early winter’s morning?

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cold and Warm

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cold and Warm

Cold and Warm – these shots are from an early morning walk some years ago.

Temperature -10 degrees C


– and the sun threw golden diamonds in the snow


The dogs loved this too – we walked back home in harmony – with frozen fingers


CB&W Photo Challenge: Rocks, Boulders, Stones

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Rocks, Boulders, Stones

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #15: Change and/or Changeable

There is nothing permanent except change


This week Amy is hosting our challenge, and she lets us all have the opportunity to change the world…or the world in photos at least!

As summer is changing into autumn, so the colours here in Sweden change our perception of nature. I love autumn for its earthy scent and for its colours – only lasting for a few days, but what beautiful days!

My walks in the foggy mornings at Hammarmölledamm (a pond in our forest) this week, showed the area in a new mood every day. Fog and mist too are great changers.

Changing the original picture into something like a painting is easily done with different software, and great fun. Here is a water colour…

…and here is an abstract version. For both pictures I have used FotoSketcher. Which one do you like most? And how much does the framing mean to the picture – and to you?

Thank you, Amy, for the opportunity to Change!


Thursday Thoughts and WPC: Bridge

My Thursday Thoughts connected with WPC: Bridge. 

A hope and a wish for all countries to continue their work – to stand united, bridgeing all disputes – to save our planet Earth. A Swedish meadow in its summer glory – is it not worth preserving? May the Love of Mother Nature be the Bridge for us all.

Time For Colours and Reflections

We have not had much sun up here in Skane, where I live, so I feel lucky to have caught a few glimpses of the glory around me this autumn. I will share some of my favourite captures in this post. I hope you have a wonderful autumn- or spring – as well!

This day there was a chance to get some glimpses of the sun. So, I headed up the winding road to Hovdala.

All the pretty cows watching me from uphill. Comforting – cows always give me a good feeling. I hoped so much for some rays to come through.

The view from up here is not so bad. I go here every season to enjoy. Even the lake can be seen from here, Lake Finja.

Rays much longed for – came when my car was parked and I was hiking towards Hammarmölledamm!

And this, was what I got. Every shot had to come when there was a rift in the clouds, and finally Totti was very tired of me…despite his almost neverending patience…

As usual, click for the larger view of the photo.

WPC: Shine

For WordPress this week – Shine.

These last few days I have been out hiking, because I wanted to enjoy the last rays of colour this autumn. Ahead of us – starting this week – is all greyness. Some trees have lost their leaves already, and among them, the beautiful maples.

Sometimes in the forest, there is a very special shine through the canopy, as if a soft magic wand was touching it. I felt that yesterday – I hope you can feel it too.