Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge – Things found on a farm

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Things Found on a Farm

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in August – 4

For Paula this month – my favorite prompt!

Ursine – hope Milo counts…

Earthward – Morocko mountains in the header and Bhutan dogs seen from our window.





CFFC: Animals

For Cee this week – sturdy, but elegant Icelandic horses. Lovely meeting them this July.

WPC: Favorite Place

Cheri asks us to pick a favorite place where our thoughts can run free. A place to return to, at home or in a foreign country. I guess many of us have more than one spot…

In the header my mother and the dogs are sitting at my favorite spot – the beautiful old beech in the forest meadow. I walk there almost every day, and in summer I usually sit down to contemplate the loveliness of the soft wind through the grasses and the canopy.

But there is one more place of quiet contemplation, and that is the waterline close to our summerhouse. Horses and birds and foxes – and me…we all love it. It is the first and the last glimpse of water during our Blekinge summer.




CFFC: Letter I – Needs to start with the letter I

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter I – Needs to start with the letter I

The letter I, from Cee’s challenge,  meant some memorable moments – In the header: Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

Ice cold Iceland

Icelandic horses

Icy Tännforsen, Sweden

Thursday Thoughts

Finally the colours are coming…but I guess they will not stay for long. Too much wind and rain – even hail. And two days ago I saw the lapwings like pearls thrown over the water, preparing to return south.

In the early morning light the heron was almost one with the sun.

And towards noon, the horses grazing in a complete painting.

A glorious day!

Travel theme: Fierce

I am sorry, Ailsa, but I seldom photograph things fierce…these are both good humoured of course – but at least they might Look fierce!

Go to more accurate fierceness here.

On September Water

A lovely morning, maybe the last summer trip, in our very, very old canoe…

The stillness in the air, the soft misty dew and the knowledge that this might be the end of a long, lovely summer.