On Leaving Summer

As we leave summer behind and enter Autumn, I want to express my gratefulness to the Swedish summer I experienced in Abisko.

Abisko och Lofoten 2018 1010-Redigera

Abisko is forever connected to my first hike on the King’s Trail when I was young

But now it will also be remembered for giving us the only real Swedish summer in 2018

For its lushness, colours and Linneas – and for the only raindrops for three months.

No one can deny the beauty of the mountain forest and its shy inhabitants…

…hiding their freshness in the cool air –

…and  silently showing off their finery –

But Autumn is here now – hopefully with more colourful strokes from Nature’s palette

Thank you – Abisko – I am forever grateful!



Being Grateful

It is raining here in Skane, and the winds are not kind. On the news they show Haiti and Florida with strong winds and disaster in its steps.

With all wars and other terrors you can easily lose faith in the human race as well. I am very grateful to live in a peaceful part of the world. Grateful every day. My heart goes out to all in war and turmoil. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Solig höstsöndag 2011 060

Precious Days of Extra Time

Someone has listened…and suddenly I see the autumn colours again! He is coming back to us – my father.


It is strange the way life turns…being close to the end and then waking up. Being given some precious extra time…


He is walking our paths once again, through the dense woods, turning around the bend…

DSC_0212…and out in the open! Breathing in the crisp Autumnal air.


Thank you.

Mera Magle och Hovdala 116