WPC: A Face in the Crowd


Erica, at WordPress, gives us the task to show anonymity, a face in the crowd – referring to the days when she was too afraid to ask people for a photo. I am still there…but on my way to overcome it. I still take photos from behind though, or with a long lens, if I am not in the mood for asking.

This series, taken some years ago on the beach( in a warmer country than mine) shows how well we can express ourselves – even in the anonymity of silhouettes.

Keep an eye on the man…

…..how he expresses himself…


More Patterns – Cold and Warm

Silent forest floor patterns in the early morning light

And the forest itself

Frosty pool in my own forest an early morning. In the header, the top of my car!



Thursday Thoughts – The Importance of Balance

Magnificent Gran Canaria. Thinking of climate changes and how the tiniest changes in temperature will give massive domino effects. And already do. On everything living. There are examples all around you, if you just take the time to see them. Then imagine…

Just look at, for example, the importance of water – Some simple pictures from an ordinary vacation speak of what small changes in water supply can do to an arid island.

Just take away some water here…

…and this will be the result

Just add some water here…

…and this will be the result

Yes, they are simple examples – but things to consider if you find it difficult to see what is happening to our world. Nature is a Wonder of balance, and we must stop abusing her and disturbing the delicacy in which she is made. Which path do you want to follow – the ”fighting for a better world” or the simple ”adapting to whatever happens” one? Do we really have a choice? I think we have.

CPH jul och Gran Canaria 2017 1301-2




Vega de San Mateo – A Colourful Market

Fond memories from Gran Canaria include the colourful farmers’ market in the village Vega de San Mateo. Every Sunday the farmers come in to sell their crops, art and craft.

I still enjoy looking at the many colourful people, spices, fruits and vegetables, sitting here this grey winter in Skåne.

And the Band! They played gorgeous classical music, jazz and popular music – and they were many and Very Good. I wish we could have stayed longer.

On Contemplating

CPH jul och Gran Canaria 2017 1359

This is maybe many people’s dream of a relaxing vacation – but luckily we are all different. We are all sailors on this vast ocean – but we are all different vessels and we all sail according to what we have learned, so far.

Also I dream of light and warm winds – especially during the Swedish winter. But I can more relate to these guys, who seek a space of their own with enough room and silence to let their thoughts run free. Reading a book…

…fishing the blue waves…

…or just contemplating life, sitting at the edge of the ocean.

All different vessels, but sailing together. Let us take good care of each other while we are here – Life is a wonderful gift.


Thursday’s Special: Darkness and Light

“They say there is no light without dark, no good without evil, no male without female, no right without wrong. That nothing can exist if it’s direct opposite does not also exist.”

Laurell K. Hamilton, Incubus Dreams

For Paula, an early morning, driving up the mountains of Gran Canaria.