Black &White Sunday: Structure

Paula, at Lost in Translation, asks for a structure this week….well, here is one – but I do not remember what it was used for. Looks like a …what do you think?



5 Day Black & White Challenge: Day four

A printing machine – Helsingborg, The Graphic Museum.


The rules are simple:

1) post a black & white photo daily for 5 days

2) Invite someone different to participate each day. (because no one wants to play alone!)

For Day 4, I am happy to invite  Sue Judd at WordsVisual. She is a brilliant photographer and it would be great to see her in this 5 days B&W.

No strings attached if you don’t feel up to it.



# 135 Inrutad – Chequered (82/365)

Grafiska Museet igen – en sådan här låda kallas ”kast”.

The Graphic Museum again.

# 322 Typer – Types (80/365)

Sonen studerar grafisk design och är intresserad av det genuina hantverket. För honom var detta besök mycket stimulerande (och verkligen för mig också, såsom varande bok/pappers/språk-freak. Vi njöt båda ett par timmar här.

Dessa stora typer låg i en av de gamla maskinerna.

As my son is into graphic design, he is also very interested in the old ways of printing and loves everything thoroughly crafted.These big types were not handled every day.



# 69 Fjäder – Spring (79/365)

På samma maskin ( 78) sitter denna gigantiska fjäder på högersidan – säkert metern hög och kanske en decimeter i diameter.

On the same machine (78) there is this giant spring on its right side – at least 100 cm high and 10 cm in diameter.