Thursday Thoughts – Foggy Days Forever?

Can you feel it?

The need for crisp air and eyelifting skies? Totti enjoying a frosty morning some years ago – so fresh in the air…so easy to walk.

Right now I don’t need any more grey days – and Emma is not here to brighten them up…

Today was announced on the news, that November and December were the darkest ever in Sweden since they started measuring hundreds of years ago. So little sun and so little light. Stockholm didn’t have a single sunny hour in these last 7 weeks.

Grey can be beautiful – but not every day for two months – and there are three more to go before early Spring.

But in less than two weeks The Winter Solstice will be here. I can’t tell you how much we need it!

A Friday Forest Shower with Me and Totti

Come with us for a morning walk – an autumn forest shower!

The crisp, cold mornings are the best ones…

And you know, Totti shares all his secret treasures with me…his best paths and digging holes for example…

Mostly I am ahead of him, because he is getting a bit slow – turning 11 next time – but still going strong. I always wait for him to catch up of course.

And we are the best friends – now and forever. I hope you have a best friend too!

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Words with Double Letters

For Cee’s double letters – mushrooms and trees.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Words with double letters



My Favourite Visitors Today

Very inquisitive…

While his little friend was eager to eat – keeping an eye on me…

It was a day of soft colours – silent and foggy with rising temperature. Rather lovely.

Finally – A Bright and Sunday Hike

My winter moodiness lifted today

10 degrees below zero (C) – a frosty, crisp and clear day!

Hiking for some hours – breathing and staying outdoors as long as…

…the sun was up

By it is time to go home

As we turn back, the sun is setting and the rays are orange warm

The leaves of 2017 lingering still, basking…

I turn around for a last shot – and the forest is glowing. Soon only the highest tree tops. I cannot say how grateful I am for this day. Not to talk about Totti – rocketing through the forest, rolling in the cool frostiness, barking with joy.

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes, Half Circles

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Arches, Domes, Half Circles

For Cee – both man made and natural. In both cases, these shapes are pleasant to the eye.


The Early Bird Catches the Worm

Yesterday morning I went with Totti for our daily morning walk – but soon realized that this morning would be something special. Frosty, no wind, sun from a clear blue sky. This grey autumn, there has not been many opportunities for the two of us to really enjoy the early mornings… so, I went back after three minutes, grabbed my camera and the car keys – and off we went.

The path starts 5 minutes from my home, up in the forest. No cows today, they have been taken to the barn for the winter. Silence, but for some small birds chirping happily in the first rays of sun. Follow the path down and turn right at the bend, and you will soon see…

…your own shadow on the left side of the path, in the golden morning light.

In the corner, down to the right, the shadow of Totti is sitting down, waiting patiently for me to go on walking. And not only his shadow…himself as well…

On turning right, the sun is peeping through the old trees in the east, gently providing long shadows and turning the frost into shiny green.

Totti is enjoying the fresh air and some good rolls in the leaves. Breathing is easy – and I feel so grateful for being alive on a day like this.

As we walk down the path, I look right – and a wall of glorious trees is looking back at me. This is indeed my country.

This morning, I will remember during the long and rainy winter days to come. But now, both Totti and me are getting hungry for breakfast… having spent some refreshing, silent hours in our favorite landscape.

I hope you are returning with me – or else you will not have any breakfast!

(As usual, click for a larger view.)

Fire and Sand

Tonight I learned that the special light today – the sun never came through and it had a strange orange shine – originated from the effects of the fires in Spain/Portugal, like sand from Northern Africa.

I had brought my camera, heading for the forest, for some last shots of the autumn leaves – but the morning resulted in these shots of the unusual phenomenon. Not very clear or bright, but you can even see orange glittering water!