Travel theme: Cook

Warm food is always a treat – be it in the Amazon rainforest or in the cold market of Jokkmokk! Cook!


# 102 Glupsk – Greedy (264/365)

Jag försökte matfotografera åt några vänner, när den här damen plötsligt dök upp på bordet och in under kameran – vilken chock! Jag tryckte tydligen av ändå – så här ser en glupsk lady ut i närbild!

Craving an explanation…I was trying to do some food photography for a friend, when this lady suddenly appeared under my lens…A shocking experience. She had jumped onto the table, being very greedy for the salmon!

Travel theme: Tempting




And for today, March 8, the thirsty ones are the two most lovely women I know!

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