Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #9: Action

This week Patti wants some Action – and my contribution is a mix of kites, children, students and animals… And action is taken for different reasons, as always.

The kites and their owners were in constant action in Fanö this June – creativity just for fun. For the sake of Art. For the sake of feeling the air lifting your device – and your soul.

There are many memories with this photo – taken at the skate park in Malmoe several years ago. My son is a skater since his early teens, and still skating at 26. Young people act out of necessity and have to be on the move. They are growing and want to test their limits, strengthening their bodies for future challenges.

I also love to follow one of my students jousting – in fact he is the number one champion in Sweden. Here is the wonder of  cooperation between man and animal – which has been a necessity for thousands of years. Where would mankind have been today without this co-work?

Action is also necessary to protect your domains, to get the partner you want or the food you need. These Swallow Tailed Gulls of Galapagos are doing just that.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting Milo’s little sister at our summer place in Blekinge. Not a dull moment in those two days…Action for them means just the same as for us humans – testing body and mind for later, grown-up challenges.

But of course much of the action is just for fun…Some rain and some water wrestling to cool down afterwards is a treat for everyone involved.

Being a grown-up, and a (more than) middle aged woman, I sometimes wish I still had some of all that explosive energy…


So, what does Action mean to you?

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Sculptures, Statues, Carvings

For Cee, a statue of the typical dogs in Fanö, Denmark. They stand high on a pillar in the open place close to where the ferry boats arrive and leave. Small versions of them are to be found in many windows and houses on the island.

CFFC: Octopus and Whale – Airborne

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Week 2 Photo – truck, mural, octopus, whale, blue, etc.

In June I visited the kite flying festival at Fanö, Denmark. A spectacular event! Here are some whales and octopuses for Cee’s challenge!

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Birds

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Birds

This week I thought I had nothing to enter – until I remembered the kite flyers of Fanö, and one of their funny inventions. Here we go – unfortunately there is no wind, but just use your inner eye and imagine the wind catching their bodies,  making all the birds swing to and fro in a delightful dance.

Drakflygningsfestival Fanö 151-Redigera

Thursday Thoughts – Paths and Colours

On the south coast of Fanö, you will find the little village Sonderho, consisting of about 300 cottages. Almost all the cottages here stand with their house ends to the east and west – because of the wind – and they are all surrounded by small gardens and open greens.

Between the plots there is a labyrinthine network of narrow paths and crooked streets. So,  you are asked to park your car and walk around when you arrive in the village.

It was raining the whole of our visit, but the colours, houses, gardens and lovely paths where not at all less charming …

Almost all the houses are very low, so inside you have to step down to reach the floor. Although light blue is frequently used, I believe the most loved colours are these two – yellow and saturated orange.

There are some very good restaurants here as well…

And of course – somewhere out there…the sea.




Kites – A Marvelous Day On the Beach

From all over the world they gathered here on Fanö for a fortnight – just to enjoy…

Relaxing over a beer and a barbecue, and

…releasing their new kites for others to marvel at

Or, gliding down the beach in good winds –

In the afternoon, the sky seemed totally filled up – no more room for new kites…


But in this glorious weather, we kept strolling along,  getting even more favorites!

But in the end – believe it or not – our own shining sails were filled as well –


We flew up, up and away…

Leaving solid ground, rolling with the colourful wheels…

Realizing that we just could not take any more kites – at least for the rest of the… week…?

Even the dogs wanted to go home for a good night’s sleep…

and the small children got tired of playing along…

So…some people took their bikes and rode to town,  while others walked the lonely beach ahead, contemplating –

It had been a marvelous day – Good Night for now, and thank you for tagging along!





Fanö – A Fairy Island of Roofs

Just returned from the beautiful Danish island, Fanø, where they host the International Kite Flyer Meeting every summer since 35 years.

But first, I think I will give you a short glimpse of what this small island has to offer – before we fly away with the kites. Because, we arrived late and got the keys to our lovely Blue Guesthouse…

Then we took a first walk down the street…and found all the thatched roofs and this one –  a gorgeous moss roof…

Later in the evening they opened the top window – and you will find it in the header…

As we silently strolled along the cobbled streets, dusk finally caught us. But it never gets really dark this close to Midsummer…

So, finally we had to return to our house – tomorrow we were heading to the beach and the kites. We already felt there would be some great days ahead.