Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Looking Through a Window

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Looking Through a Window

The first two from Bilbao – Guggenheim museum. You see through the the first window glasses – but also see behind you mirrored. The second you only see through.

And a lovely little cat…

…from Greyfriars’, Edinburgh.

Travel theme: Writing

Travel theme: Writing

We once started writing to sum up collected taxes and to label things. We still do.  But, we also write for many other reasons – Love for example, and for religious reasons (I guess that too is out of love).

Me meeting all the H.P. fans at the "Elephant House"

Me meeting all the Harry Potter fans at the ”Elephant House” in Edinburgh.

Sometimes the writing is not that beautiful…but still written out of love.

Tibetansk skylt ovanför ingången till ett tempel

Tibetansk skylt ovanför ingången till ett tempel – Tibetan sign from a temple in Lhasa.

And sometimes I find writing utterly beautiful.

Often the eastern ”alphabets” and writings are much more artistic and beautiful than ours – or what do you think?


SL-Week 46: Wind


For Sylvain Landry – beautiful Willow with the wind blowing in her hair. She belongs to Seonaid of Breathofgreenair, but my photo on my visit last year.


CFFC: Indoor Seating

Indoor seating for Cee this week – I just adored this chair at J.K. Rowling ‘s favourite café (where she wrote Harry Potter) in Edinburgh – The Elephant House.


in case you have got some money you do not know how to spend…

Kina I och II 538_copy

…and maybe you are in desperate need of a hand carved and hand painted Chinese palanquin?

Well, here you have garanteed indoor seating even outdoors…

WPC: One Love

One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or color.
The Urban Dictionary


Thursday Thoughts – A breathofgreenair

I have taken a year off, and tomorrow is, once again,  my birthday. So, Time is a tiny bit more on my side this year…even if in fact time is more on the ”running out” side…

Life is difficult, strange and wonderful. You never know what is waiting around the corner – no matter what your plans are. My intention is to use Thursdays for writing down some reflections made the current week…on anything that comes my way. I hope you would like to join me!

A whole year off – or forever? I don’t know anything but the need for slowing down. Maybe searching for the woman I once was… I used to paint and write poetry before the wheel started spinning too fast. Could I find my way back to… anything of what I once was? Maybe i don’t know what I will find. I will know more in August next year.

I read two posts on Seonaid’s blog this morning – breathofgreenair. Her posts always lift my spirits. She has that effect on me (and many others) – It’s the harmony, her way with words…and magical photography.

We met up in August last year, and in August again this year. From the start, I came to see the Tattoo, but deep in my heart I knew that for me, it was mostly to see Seonaid and her family again. To my great joy, she could have us for one day and one night.

Edinburgh is a great city, and I dearly love everything about it. Even in festival times, even if I’m not a real festival person…I used to avoid big happenings like parties and events. Somehow, as years go by, you are more or less forced to get used to them.

An hour or two is great fun, especially as Edinburgh city has got – Harry Potter!

I had two wishes, where the first one was a day out – to some of the beautiful places Seonaid weaves her stories around. Just to feel the atmosphere, letting her words come back to me. My second wish was to meet her lovely dogs again. My Bearded Collie, Amanda, left me in the year 2000, but I will never forget her. She was in colour just like Maisie and Willow. And her coat flying in the wind…

The fresh air against my skin and the joy of the dogs running free with the winds and waves…make me come alive and remembering.

I think we all enjoyed this, and I’m forever grateful to Seonaid and her girls.

It wasn’t that easy to get all three of them in the same picture – but here they are! Maisie, Willow and Molly.

Seonaid told me that on all beaches in Scotland, dogs are allowed to run free anytime of the year! Oh, the joy! In Sweden dogs are only allowed during winter time and for the rest of the year only on special ”dog beaches”.

Just before leaving Scotland, Edinburgh and this lovely family, we made a quick visit to the green oak forest as well. Of course the dogs found their way to cool water. This time floating in a river of sunny spots.

I cannot thank you enough for having us and giving us some of your precious time, Seonaid! I found a piece of my old self again, and I left a piece of my heart with you, your family and Scotland.

# 120 Huller om Buller – In a Mess (Higgledy piggledy) (234/365)

Edinburgh festivalen – där var det mesta huller om buller.