CFFC: Smiles

Cee asks us to smile this week – Here’s one from me, last summer when I finally got away from the heat and drought in Skåne and reached the sweet, fresh air of Norrland and Lofoten. The best smile that year…

And the sweetie in the header, from Jokkmokk’s Market in Lappland, Sweden.

You can never get too many smiles in your life!



Thursday Thoughts – Looking Back

Do you sometimes look back and remember what happened the same month the year before? I seldom do…but thought I would try it today, as Totti’s birthday is approaching, and our wedding anniversary as well. But let’s start off with the strawberry tents – and a sculpture. Last week I saw the tents were up again – how I long for those strawberries!

In the header you see the last spell of snow on March 8,  2018. Not much this year so far.

Then, I had the privilege of meeting the world’s oldest blogger – Dagny, 106 years old. She was hit by a car this winter, but is still going strong… after a short hospital visit.

Totti turned 10 and my husband and I celebrated 40 years of marriage.


A memorable month – I wonder what will come out of March 2019? Milo is a new family member, and Totti will turn 11…Do you think summing up sometimes is a good thing?

Why or why not?


Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Tender Moments

Milo moving in with his favorite toy last summer. A tender moment on a very hot day.

Thursday Thoughts – Winter Fun!

A glorious morning! Mum said, and I could just hear the promise in her silvery voice!

And off we went as soon as breakfast was finished – and she was right…

Out of the car and into the snow! Yes, yes, I know… she told me to look at her for the photo, but I heard another, more interesting sound – and with the soft ”click” of the camera, I threw myself off the stone again!

I tried my best to jump up on the trunk here, as usual, but failed twice – simply too slippery today – so I gave up.

– Had to really, as she called me…

Well, I know I will get a treat when I run up to her…And then, maybe a quick bath – with a drink on top!

But, I nailed trunk number two! You notice I know what is coming??? Another treat!

Thank you for joining us this snowy morning! Love, Milo.

Thursday Thoughts – A Frosty Walk in November

These last weeks before the light returns, we were lucky to have a couple of cold days.

Frost is a phenomenon of great beauty, just look down…

…and you will see the bright stars on the ground – from where have they fallen…?

Some 10-15 cm higher up, everything is covered in compact whiteness.

After a refreshingly crisp walk, by 3 pm the last rays of sun touch ground and we hurry back home again before dark.

Totti and Milo were made for long, cold days. Unfortunately I am not. Some three or four hours is what I need to feel good – not more without some hot drink…Thank you for walking with me!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Contact

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Contact

From Dutch Goes the Photo – an agility dog! Which made me remember how my two Lagottos, Mille and Totti, were experts on how to overcome obstacles. They still managed to keep up their close contact…

…despite certain difficulties…

On Closing the Door – A New One Opens

Hiking with my dogs yesterday, the change in Nature, from just one day back, was very obvious –

Yesterday was a short ”between time” in the forest, where some parts still were extremely colourful, even if the colours had turned more harmoniously yellow/brown.

No wind and a clear, chilly day, we all enjoyed what we understood from the weather reports, would be the last remaining bright day this autumn.

Inside the dense pine forest, I could still find some yellow beeches, shining beacons in the darkness. But out in the open – the misty light had closed the golden door behind us.