WPC: Admiration

I admire many people. People who struggle hard to get a decent life, people who save other people’s lives, people who have accomplished great things… But there is one man I admire perhaps the most of all. The Dalai Lama.

We all know his story, how he was taken from his parents at an early age – being the chosen one. How he had to flee his country from the invading Chinese, and how he has managed to survive and be the leader and role model for so many people in the world. His gentle wisdom, his smiling eyes, his message of peace and nonviolence is recognized worldwide.

The Dalai Lama has my deepest admiration .

In the header is a picture from Malmoe, when he visited in 2011. I had listened to him once before in Lund, but this time I also happened to be right at the entrance just when he left the building.

Dalai lama Lund 16 april 2011 014_copy

After the interesting and joyful interview, he walked out to the waiting car…

Dalai lama Lund 16 april 2011 024_copy…saying his gentle goodbyes to all of us. For this time. In my heart, I hope to see him again. Some day. Somewhere.



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