Lens-Artists Challenge #130 It’s a Small World

”This week’s challenge is to take your camera for a walk around your yard or home and shoot some close-up or macro shots. Too cold, too wet, too busy? Feel free to choose some images from your archives.”

This week Anne Sandler of Slow Shutter Speed is our guest host, and we are introduced to similarities and differences between, micro, macro and close-up. Personally I love close-ups from nature, and macros since I bought a new macro lens two years ago. These days there are plenty of opportunities for hunting the little things in our world. My garden is always a gem – and the asters give me my favourite close-ups.

Without water drops, there can be no oceans; without steps, there can be no stairs; without little things, there can be no big things
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Find gratitude in the little things and your well of gratitude will never run dry.
― Antonia Montoya

Seed pods are also favourites of mine. Every autumn I go looking for them – often they display soft, strong colours and a variety of interesting textures.

These images are all from the archives, except a funny hovercraft Rex Begonia – found last week, not hibernating as I thought!

During winter time, I sometimes get roses from kind people…(my husband that is, or visiting friends). The latter not possible right now though… I love roses, they give you infinite possibilities for photography too – even when withered and decayed.

Thanks again to Anne for hosting our challenge this week. Be sure to visit and link to her beautiful original post here. Many thanks for the beautiful images shared in response to Tina’s 2020 Favourites challenge – many of us realized there were more happy moments than expected last year! 

We hope you’ll join us next week as Patti once again leads our challenge. Until then, remember to stay safe and warm – and be kind.

Macro Monday – Jewels

In my garden, there are not many colours left – unless you look for them –

A macro perspective is of great help – things unseen will reveal themselves…

I was concentrating on a tiny mushroom, and clicked. Once on my computer – I found this little friend sneaking up from nowhere.

And I never get tired of the morning jewellery.

Macro Monday

The days just fly…and it is Monday again. In Sweden the first snow has arrived, and further north it is staying white.

My photos this week are from my garden last week – when we had some magical, glittering mornings.

Asters unfurling in the warming sun

Until reaching their full splendour





Dewy Morning Walk

The urge to rise early grows with the intensifying of autumn colours. This morning I had my share of beauty and tranquility, quietness and delightful dew. If you love nature like I do, I hope you will enjoy this 2 1/2 hours walk – shortened to some minutes only…

…and back homewards again, following this country road of oaken sentinels. A better start of a new day is not easily found!