CFFC: Letter ”K”

For Cee this Tuesday – ”K”

Yayoi Kusama and her polka dots. Black. From a Louisiana exhibition in Denmark.




Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #59 – Angles

Last week Patti used a lovely old English rhyme for the challenge – this week we would love to see your interpretation of what difference angles can do… for our perception of the world.

I was a teacher for many years, and my classes often discussed today’s society, history or literature. For better understanding of other people’s opinions, I used to give a simple example using the numbers 6 and 9. Depending on where you sit or stand, it might be 9 or 6 that you see. If you are not wise enough to envision how the person sitting at the other side of the table might see it, you will always have some trouble understanding other people’s point of view. (The world today… and forever?)

The importance of different ways of seeing the same object, thing, person, happening…cannot be overestimated. And now I hope you will have some fun with it too!

Angles is the challenge!

If you find you have no time to photograph something new from different angles, I am sure you have pictures in your archives to use – because, I guess many camera people work just like I do… Every year I take pictures of the same house, the same people, the same forest… but maybe just not from the same angle!

My choices are two: One sand sculpture from the Denmark exhibition –

– and one sculpture from Stykkishólmur, Iceland.

The fascinating thing is that these two are totally different and so are their messages. But, both sculptures need you to walk around them to get the details, the picture, the whole story, the complete message. So, what would Your interpretation be?

We are looking forward to seeing all your fascinating Angles!

Thank you, Patti, for last week’s challenge, Something old, new, borrowed and blue that really got us thinking – So many creative posts from you all!



Lens-Artists Challenge #57 – Taking a Break

Once a year, go somewhere you have never been beforeDalai Lama 

Tina allows us all to take a break this week, and I am just back from a lovely break together with my family. The best way for me to enjoy life!

We went to Denmark this weekend, the whole family, and watched the Danish wake-board championships together with many enthusiasts.

The weather was great, and the competitors skilled.

The only means of transport needed in summer!

Afterwards we decided to go for the sand sculpture exhibitions – and they were spectacular too. But, what I enjoyed the most, was being together with my children.

Find what brings you joy and go there. –  Jan Phillips

On coming home this afternoon, I walk in my garden, among the flowers, listening to the late summer fluttering of tiny wings.

The Painted Lady is watching me, closely.

When she turns around, I admire her intricate outfit. And I feel good.


Welcome to join in the challenge!










Tuesday Photo Challenge – Night

For Frank this week – Nights in Copenhagen and Madrid. Miss them…The header from Madrid is one of my absolute favorite night shots. Maybe because of the lovely memories with my students there, the Flamenco dancers in Villa Rosa, and the glass of fruity red wine while watching the electric flamenco.


Cees B&W Photo Challenge: Unusual Perspective

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Unusual Perspective

The Kites at the Fanö festival, Denmark, was sometimes totally out of perspective..

Thursday Thoughts – The Kites


Fanö is a very small island west of Esbjerg, Jylland, Denmark. Go to Vivekas site for more love of this island and more interesting facts!

We started out to get to the Rindby beach on the west coast by 10am – which was the time said for the kite flyers to start. Some of them had been there for two weeks, but June 14-17 was marked for the finishing festival. Non commercial and 5000 enthusiasts – besides the three of us…Viveka, (Myguiltypleasures) , me and my husband.

They come from all over the world…and they all make their own kites from sailcloth and nylon fiber. Some kites are made in a couple of hours, but some take weeks to make.

To give you a taste of what this is all about – here is a short youtube introduction:

To give you something of my own taste – here we go…am:


Wishing you all a lovely Midsummer!

I’ll be back Sunday with the afternoon kites…if you haven’t got enough of them! I haven’t… Or better yet – go visit Fanö yourselves – you will love it!







Fanö – A Fairy Island of Roofs

Just returned from the beautiful Danish island, Fanø, where they host the International Kite Flyer Meeting every summer since 35 years.

But first, I think I will give you a short glimpse of what this small island has to offer – before we fly away with the kites. Because, we arrived late and got the keys to our lovely Blue Guesthouse…

Then we took a first walk down the street…and found all the thatched roofs and this one –  a gorgeous moss roof…

Later in the evening they opened the top window – and you will find it in the header…

As we silently strolled along the cobbled streets, dusk finally caught us. But it never gets really dark this close to Midsummer…

So, finally we had to return to our house – tomorrow we were heading to the beach and the kites. We already felt there would be some great days ahead.