Lens-Artists Challenge #188 – A Special Place

Karina of Murtaghs Meadow is our lovely guest host this week, and she wants us to show something of our special place. She writes: ”Many of us have a special place; maybe it is a place you like to escape to when you need a break from the ups and downs of the everyday; or it may be just a place you enjoy spending time. Your special place may be a certain room in your house, it may be a place you like to visit, or it may be a building such as a library, museum, or church.”

Today I chose my own room – left to me when my daughter, Emma, moved out. I have all my hobby materials here, and the window is facing south, so it is always sunny and warm. A welcoming space!

More than me love this room, and last week we had Milo’s girlfriend, Esther, here. Both sweeties kept me company every day when they had got tired of playing outdoors. Reading was not easy though…as the young lady liked to sprawl her longlegged body all over my chair. I had to put a blanket there.

In this chair, I do my knitting and crocheting too, so that had to be paused for some days… I also keep my dried and pressed plants in this room , ready to be put into frames or fit into a card or a book.

The light makes it perfect for my scribbling, painting and doodling as well, as I try to find the old me again with watercolours, pencils and pens. In the yellow box to the right, new little plants find this sunny spot a nice place to start life, or restart it. I think we somehow share this feeling…

Finally, special thanks to Anne Sandler for her Water challenge. We all love water, and your variety of beautiful photographs and posts made the importance of water really shine!

We hope you will join us this week, and we look forward to seeing what makes a place special for you. Get inspired by visiting Karinas post from beautiful Ireland, and link to her original post with the Lens-Artists tag to help us find you.

Next week, Tina will lead LAPC #189, on the subject ”Odds and Ends”.

Christmas Market – Already?

Today a short visit to the nearest town and the first market this Christmas.

Raining…when there should be white everywhere…but we had fun anyway!

Many surprises awaited the children of course…and the sweets and almonds got bought  – and eaten – by grow-ups as well.

Indoors, first the main building and then the wings. A beautiful old mansion, once belonging to my husband’s uncle. Now, since many years belonging to the city.

Some hundred exhibitions with everything home made – from sausages and marmalade to clothes and candles. I always say I will not buy anything…but…

The Impressive Cloisonné – An Intricate Work of Art

Cloisonné – copper and natural colours in splendid patterns. Cranes, lotus flowers, peonies, dragons and different trees are most popular.

Why not start with a 1.50 m. high urn,  featured in the movie Oceans 11? The neat price tag: 70 000 euro.

In China this technique dates back to the 14th C, and on visiting the factory, we could follow the work from simple copper vase or other object, through painting the pattern lines, gluing the tiny copper linings, painting with natural colours and then burning 7 times in 1000 degrees  – lastly three times polishing – to the final object ready for sale.

If you have got some left over money, you can buy these two. The urns are more than 2 metres high and the price tag is: 300 000 euros – each. We were told that last year a Russian guy bought another two.

#122 Hållbar – Sustainable/Durable (325/365)

Har du hållit i en silkestråd? Ett helt sidentäcke görs av tusentals sidenkokonger och är en hållbar investering.

Have you touched a silk thread? A whole duvet is made from thousands of cocoons in a multitude of layers – and very sustainable and durable.