Thursday Thoughts – And I do Love Cows!

Hiking in spring always means meetings with cattle.

And they are always very curious…especially when dogs are around.  In the opener a gang that followed us through their meadow and almost over the fence…

Old farmsteads with apple trees and cherry trees – what could be more beautiful?

Only the cows!

Thursday Thoughts – Early Mornings

Spring is my favorite season, and early Spring mornings are my favorite hours of the day.

Everything is calm, but – nature is so very alive, vibrating with life.

The meadows bloom, the waters flow merrily in the streams.

I rejoice in the birds’ song, and feel the joy in every living thing…

I wish we could all feel that joy and contentment. Harmony. At least some moments every week. I know I am lucky to live in the middle of nature, but I also know that nature is the best healer for most things troubling our human life.

Go seek it – Harmony. If you have an open mind, you will find it. In Nature.


Back to Ireland – Ruins and Cows

Looking through my photos from Ireland – I found an old abbey I had not posted on. I am convinced there were not many visitors, as we only saw it from the car. We were looking for a nice place to have our evening picnic – I wanted cows and my husband wanted ruins – and we found the perfect place!

To get there, we had to park at the church, climb some fences and walk a straight gravel road over the meadows with grazing cows. Just my thing.

I wondered how this abbey had looked when new – it was still impressive out there in the middle of all the green. Not much sun, but we had our fruit and sandwiches sitting on the ground against the wall. The Irish landscape offers never-ending glory.

The farewell was accompanied by the most gracious crowd (in the header), and lastly by a lone beauty standing by the road. I really have to go back to Ireland – soon.


CFFC: Colours that start with the Letter B

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colors that start with the Letter B

B as in brown or beige – my favourite colour of cows.

A Walk at Lindö – In the Best Company

Every summer we take walks at Lindö in Blekinge – a protected isthmus with lovely flora and fauna. Always windy, and this summer rather cold as well. But Lindö is a must – The Blekinge archipelago is a source of harmony and joy.



Summer is Here

…and Mille’s beach is empty. But I love it best before all the summer guests arrive. The temperature is heading towards 30 degrees C, and yesterday we went to our summer cottage to cool down. No rain in sight…only hot winds.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day in Sweden, and we will celebrate my mother with a tasty lamb dinner. Until then – some summer photos from yesterday!

With the sun going down,  we wish a Good Night to you all!

How About a Cow Adventure?

I had just left my daughter at the airport, and decided to drive home on winding, tiny roads unknown to me before. And I got what I secretly had hoped for – I had a cow adventure! Are you a cow lover too? Follow me then!